Marque is a lightweight and flexible aluminium metal material that delivers unparalleled emboss and can articulate the intricate and complex characters of your brand aesthetic. Contrasting with the smooth feel of the bottle, Marque adds textural variance and tactility.

As it is suitable for a range of processes including printing, embossing and laser cutting, it’s not limited to any type of look, style or any specific spirit or wine (quite the opposite). So you are free to use this highly versatile, durable, self-adhesive solution to complete your brand aesthetic across any category.

Applications can range from neck wraps, tamper evidents, seals or badges or premium labels. Available in a range of colours with polished or brushed finishes, they are the perfect addition for both contemporary and classic packaging choices.

Key Attributes

  • Premium grade material
  • Self-adhesive solution
  • Superior emboss and deboss capabilities
  • Lightweight alternative to tin or pewter
  • Flexible to flat and curved surfaces
  • Hand or automated application
  • Explore different finishes, including glow-in-the-dark
  • Range of thicknesses, available from 86 micron

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Key information

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Replicating the appearance of embossed metal, flexible aluminium is suitable for a range of processes including printing, embossing and laser cutting.  Can be produced in any size, shape or thickness in a range of metallic colours.


Boasting deluxe aesthetics and versatile, durable appeal, Marque aluminium labels are endlessly adaptable to the production of highly detailed and ornate labels.

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