With more than two decades of experience in brand enhancement, our team’s boundless vision and creativity is exactly what you need to support your vision. We pride ourselves on our ability to interpret your needs and provide trusted support at every stage of your packaging journey.

Managing Director

Ian Lyon

A self-confessed city boy who found a new love for the countryside when he relocated from London to Peterborough, Ian has been with Signet since 2002.  His role as managing director is wide ranging and his leadership is crucial to Signet’s culture of innovation; Ian’s passionate pursuit of world-class packaging design creates both the ethos and the creative space for our professionals to do what they do best.

Marketing Director

Roy Lyon

A relentless and passionate innovator, Roy has worked at Signet for more than two decades and admits he’s allergic to the status quo.  With a strong marketing skill set, Roy’s insatiable desire to explore new materials and techniques keeps Signet at the cutting edge of its industry while supporting our clients to do the same.  Away from work, Roy’s hankering for the road less travelled continues, and fuels his love of hiking.

Sales Director

Roger Lyon

Affable and endlessly enthusiastic, Roger’s positive approach to work and life in general is infectious and his magnetic personality has been central to Signet’s success since 1999.  Heading up our sales and client management team, Roger leads from the front with energy, humour and a healthy sprinkling of banter.  He quips that falling out of a window onto a parked car as a toddler changed him forever – but we wouldn’t have him any other way!

Executive Assistant

Maria Crawshaw

With a hard-working mindset, Maria skilfully manages administrative duties and helps to ensure the smooth operation of the company. Enjoying the variety that the role brings, she is passionate about helping find solutions to any challenges, be it at work or when conjuring up one of her latest baking creations!

Client Manager

Hugh Smith

With more than 20 years’ experience as a Signet account manager, what Hugh doesn’t know about successful brand enhancement isn’t worth knowing – and at 6ft 2, he’s got personal experience of standing out from the crowd!  Hugh’s vast expertise and level-headed approach inspires confidence in his clients and he takes a particular interest in gin brands, of which he is rather a connoisseur!

Client Manager

Amos Lyon

Since joining the Signet team just under seven years ago, Amos has brought a fresh set of eyes to our creative sales team and takes a real interest in the collaborative process of developing embellishments from concept through to point of sale.  A keen sportsman, Amos often enjoys a few post-match drinks which gives him an excellent chance to keep his finger on the industry pulse!

Technical Sales Manager

Rick Stevens

Affinity with others is one of client manager Rick’s key strengths and something that he brings to the table both at work and in his capacity as a charity volunteer.  Rick’s ability to understand and interpret his clients’ needs plus his friendly, upfront approach enables him to grow collaborative relationships that foster real creativity and success.  He thrives on seeing his client’s vision brought to life on the shelf.

Lead Generation Manager

Melvyn Lindsell

With a passion for vintage mechanics, it’s no surprise that Melvyn loves to figure out what makes brands tick! He’s passionate about authenticity, quality and the little details that help premium brands look and feel epic. Melvyn’s background at Signet is in quality control, so he has a comprehensive understanding of each and every product and component, enabling him to develop innovative and effective solutions to every client’s brief.

Client Consultant

Hadley Lyon

A born collaborator, Hadley brings his lively, positive energy not only to his team sports and cycling activities, but also to our client and stakeholder meetings. His keen eye for detail and excellent problem solving abilities enable him to support our clients with their packaging challenges and provide the perfect solution. And with a penchant for collectable whiskey, Hadley is not only an expert on the outside of the bottle, but what is on the inside too!

Business Development Manager

Maxmillian Rabey

Maxmillian enjoys helping clients with the premiumisation of their brand. As our Business Development Manager based in Scotland, he’ll be reaching out to new clients and collaborating with existing customers on projects that can help to lift their products off the shelf. In his spare time, Maxmillian enjoys cooking, football and playing music – especially the guitar!


Sales Assistant

Annie Moggach

A self-confessed details person, art is Annie’s first love and this brings a unique perspective to her role as Sales Assistant, where her key responsibility is guiding clients from their initial enquiry through to project stage.  Away from work, Annie is passionate about fashion and sports – especially swimming, as she grew up next to the sea!

Sales Assistant

Kelcey Lewis

People skills are vital for any customer-facing role and our sales assistant Kelcey brings them in spades!  Gregarious and fun-loving, Kelcey’s superpower is putting our clients at ease so they can express their vision and objectives freely.  She also provides vital support for the Business Development team.  When she’s not talking packaging, Kelcey relaxes in the kitchen, where she’s got some pretty impressive skills!

Sales Assistant

Casey Ford

A love for meeting new people makes Casey a natural fit for the role of Sales Assistant at Signet. Casey is great at connecting with our customers and enjoys working with them to find the perfect product to meet their needs. Outside of work, Casey loves getting outside and enjoying the world around her and at the weekend you’ll most likely find her at the seaside or heading off on a long walk.

Marketing Manager

Lianne Noy

Lianne joined Signet in January 2023 with multi-sectoral experience spanning from training and consultancy, education, third sector and healthcare.

With a strong passion for brand and marketing strategies that differentiate, Lianne has a successful track record of leading multi-channel campaigns that engage and connect with new prospects and customers. Despite her saying she has a lack of talent for learning a language – she continues to persevere and build on her conversational skills in French and Spanish

Marketing Executive

Megan Roberts

Megan graduated in 2021 with a First in BA(Hons) Digital Marketing and Communications.

She has a keen eye for detail and a creative touch, which she brings to the table when supporting the marketing and sales team to collaborate with brands worldwide. Her passion lies in curating Signet’s social media presence and managing the website.

Systems Development Manager

Grant Lyon

Previously working at Signet in a Operations & Sales capacity between 2013-2020, Grant re-joined the team in June 2023.

Using his wealth of knowledge and experience of Signet’s clientele, Grant streamlines operations; focusing on creating systems to support best practice and elevate customer service standards. Grant’s keen eye for detail means he never misses a thing – keeping the customer at the forefront of everything we do.

Operations Assistant

Iola Lyon

Operations Assistant Iola loves the organisational side to her role. She is responsible for liasing with customers and suppliers to see each project all the way through, from production to delivery. Iola makes sure everyone involved in a project is up to date and finds it very satisfying when everything is in its place. She also runs a smooth operation in the kitchen where she has her bread-making skills down to an art!

Quality Manager

Jerry Fryer

With an inquisitive mind and a love for smart solutions, Jerry is dedicated to making sure what we do is right the first time, every time. He brings an invaluable fresh perspective to the Signet team with his genuine interest in production processes and new methods, particularly the really simple but smart ones. Outside of work, Jerry applies his quality management skills to excellent BBQs! He also enjoys travelling the country and visiting new places, even better if he can do all 3 at the same time!

Operations and finance manager

Edward Pearce

A keen eye for detail makes Edward perfectly suited for his dual roles in Operations and Finance, where his meticulous approach is legendary!  Whether it’s making sure a job runs smoothly or compiling detailed financial forecasts, Edward’s efficiency is of huge benefit to Signet and our customers.  He keeps his razor sharp focus intact by blowing off the cobwebs on regular weekend hill walks.

Finance Assistant

Paula Kerr

Paula brings brilliant attention to detail to her role as finance assistant, and her investigative eye is perfect when crunching numbers. She enjoys balancing the accounts and ensuring all our finance paperwork is just right. Paula turns her hand to cross stitch and other needlework crafts in her spare time, which makes sense with her appreciation for detail!

Realisation Manager

Jasper Lyon

Jasper’s role necessarily puts him right at the cutting edge of our industry, exploring new materials and techniques for our innovation projects and enabling our clients to achieve groundbreaking results on their packaging.  Jasper’s ability to think outside the box and excellent grasp of supply chain logistics are invaluable.

Executive Assistant

Marcella Turner

Marcella is Executive Assistant to our Realisation Manager and helps to ensure that every project is designed and produced with the highest quality standards. She is adept at coordinating the many aspects of our customer’s projects and enjoys the variety that her work brings. When Marcella isn’t busy making sure everything flows smoothly, she enjoys capturing moments through photography – of which she’s collected quite a few!

Project Realisation

Brittany Smith

Brittany’s role is to provide support to our Design and Supply Team as they make the magic happen, which means no two days are ever the same. An excellent communicator with strong problem-solving skills, when she’s not at work Brittany likes to relax by expressing her musical creativity on the piano!

Lead Designer

Jake Wise

Creative and highly motivated, product designer Jake brings incredible passion to everything he does – whether that’s playing rugby, supporting his beloved Liverpool FC, or designing packaging embellishments at work!  This passion often sees Jake working to create mockups in order to effectively communicate his vision to the client, whether that be through sketching or digital software.


Amy Everall

Following her graduation from De Montfort University with a First Degree Honours in BA (Hons) Product Design course, Amy joined Signet in May 2023.

Working closely with some of the most globally recognised premium spirit brands, Amy uses her keen eye and attention to detail to bring concepts to life. Amy’s background in textiles, coupled with her knowledge of product development, empowers her to wow clients with her intricate, yet practical, designs.


Tom Griffin

Tom joined the Signet team in June 2023 as our graduate designer having graduated from his Product Design course at Nottingham Trent with a high 2:1 in 2023.

Tom specialises in product visualisation, rendering, modelling, and sketch work; working closely our Lead Designer at Signet to develop design-for-manufacture concepts for some of our biggest clients. Tom’s fresh perspective and technical skills make him an asset in creating innovative and functional embellishment designs.

Warehouse Manager

Mick Hannigan

Our warehouse is Mick’s domain – nothing comes in or goes out without his say-so and he runs a really tight ship which means we can offer some of the most precise lead time estimations you’ll find anywhere!  Formula One fan Mick loves nothing more than getting pole position for the first look at new products when they arrive.