A time-honoured technique that still resonates in the 21st century, die-casting involves the creation of bespoke 3D coins, medallions, charms and tags from metal alloys. Die-cast decorations are highly detailed and bring an air of authenticity and prestige to any product or packaging. A range of additional processes including spray enamelling or metal plating takes your die-cast embellishment to the next level.

The die casting process involves the creation of precision-machined moulds made from hardened steel. Molten metal is forcibly injected into the mould, where it cools and hardens to produce the finished embellishment. Signet specializes in zamac die-casting, which only uses virgin zinc alloy material.

With more than 20 years of expertise in die-casting, Signet’s unrivalled attention to detail and commitment to bespoke design ensures your die cast embellishments are consistently beautiful and distinctively tailored to your brand, for a lasting impression on the consumer.

I’m a start-up company who has valued all your advice. The product is the first thing, the name the second and the visual identity the third. Your premium quality charm has given my bottle its visual identity.


  • Luxury appearance, weighty feel
  • Numerous finishes available through metal plating, spraying, enamelling etc.
  • Combine with cord, ribbon, leather and other accents to create a completely bespoke look
  • Tumble or rack technology available for galvanic plating
  • Optional location devices and/or adhesive backing


All of our die-cast products are made using zamac, produced using only the purest virgin zinc alloyed with aluminium, magnesium and copper. Naturally silver-grey in colour, it can be polished to a high shine or plated with brass, copper, silver or even gold. We offer both tumble and rack plating processes for a flawless finish even on the most intricate designs.  Die cast products can also be spray painted or enamelled in virtually any colour.




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