The security of your product refers to both the physical security of the contents, safeguarded using tamper-proof mechanisms, and also its intellectual security, achieved by using embellishments that stay true to the brand identity and specification. Signet is well equipped to provide both.

Our bespoke design service includes Pantone colour matching so you can be assured our products will dovetail seamlessly with your existing branding and packaging design. For tamper evidence, we’ve changed the game, replacing the traditional shrink wrapping with a host of beautiful and intuitive sealing mechanisms that protect both your product and the consumer.

Signet’s responsive team was wonderful to work with during the redesign of Lucid Absinthe. Signet developed a unique label that will catch the consumer’s eye but will still fit into our current supply chain system. Signet’s high-quality deliverables were timely and on-budget. Lucid Absinthe is very happy with the new Signet-sourced label. Thank you!

Key Attributes

  • Bespoke design for flawless integration
  • Pantone matching
  • Bottle sealing wax
  • Stunning tamper proof solutions

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Key Information

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Create a unique tamper-proof mechanism using bespoke elements such as sealing wax, self adhesive labels with tear devices and much more.


Protect the physical security of items by making it obvious if the closure has been tampered with; safeguard intellectual security by ensuring your product is distinctive, on brand and hard to replicate.

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