Design that resonates

You won’t find the range and ingenuity of Signet’s product portfolio anywhere else. Whether reviving time-honoured techniques or pioneering new ones, we pride ourselves on our clean slate approach to every packaging decoration brief, creating bespoke elements to enhance and distinguish your brand or product.


Most often made from metal, badges can be die-cast for a highly detailed, heirloom vibe or crafted using our Marque flexible aluminium range for a sleek and luxurious statement.


Cartouche offers a timeless and eye-catching way to position a logo or marque so that it becomes an integral part of the product, blending seamlessly with glass or ceramic bottles in particular to create a distinctive appearance that oozes prestige.


Typically made from metal or moulded plastic, charms are normally designed using a key element from your logo or brand identity and suspended from the neck of a bottle using cord, ribbon or chain, although they are also sometimes used for boxes and tins.
Most often crafted from metal, coins can be round or oval, flat or curved and are normally selected as a permanent form of product decoration.


Tactile and flexible, our Coronam PVC decals were developed by us as a solution for manufacturers seeking the look and feel of a die-cast product, with all the attributes of a sticker. Suitable for application to almost any surface, Coronam can be created in a wide range of colours and finishes.

Faux Wax Seals

Signet’s range of faux wax seals has been carefully developed to mimic the texture and appearance of real wax while ensuring the finished product is both beautiful and durable, capable of rendering ornate detail that lends sophistication to bottles, boxes and paper documents.


Beautiful and practical, hangtags are a dynamic addition to any bottle or box, with the potential to add a valuable extra layer both in terms of visual appeal and informative practicality.


Our Levere range uses molten resin and a range of print techniques to transform labels, stickers or other two dimensional products into 3D elements with an almost liquid or glazed appearance that catches the light.


Marque labels are fully customizable according to shape, size and apparent depth.


Signet has the technology to create stunning custom medallions in a range of shapes, sizes and materials.


Ideal for gift shops, giveaways and trade shows, Signet’s range of merchandise is both functional and desirable – exactly what you need to make this type of investment work hard.

Neck Collars & Wraps

Signet’s neck wrap and collars can be made from a wide variety of materials including leather, flexible aluminium, veneer, plastic, metal and silicone which makes them a fabulous choice for both classic and contemporary brands.


Create engaging, interactive packaging by integrating the latest n.hance (Near Field Communication) technology into your product embellishment, enabling the consumer to scan the chip with their smartphone for instant access to online content controlled by you.

Ribbon Tear Strips

Beautifully simple, our ribbon tear strips are designed to facilitate the opening of sealed bottles. Made from high quality non-stretch ribbon, they feature a convenient pull tab for optimal dexterity and are designed to leave a clean edge on both bottle and stopper.


Simple yet luxurious, ribbon can stand alone in the form of bows and loops, or combine with other products to incredible effect. Available in an endless array of colours, materials and styles, we also offer Pantone colour and typeface matching for seamless results


Safeguard both the physical and intellectual security of your products using Signet’s beautiful and intuitive sealing mechanisms, protecting both your brand and your consumer with guaranteed quality and authenticity.

When great packaging design comes together with Signet product decorations, a little bit of magic happens.
It’s not just the look; it’s the feel, even the energy a beautiful tag, stopper or wax seal can bring.




Leading the market in innovation, we are continuously developing with new materials, techniques and processes to bring you the most creative means of brand enhancement.


A really old technique, die-casting involves the creation of 3D embellishments like coins, badges and medallions by forcing a molten zinc alloy into a highly detailed steel mould. The resulting pieces are ornate and weighty, ideal for lending gravitas to your brand image.

Injection Moulding

Using the most up-to-date technology, injection moulding is used to create highly intricate 3D designs from plastic. Designs such as wax-style seals, coins, charms and tags can all be created using this versatile technique which forces molten plastic into a precision machined steel mould to render sharp, intricate detail in a durable, beautiful embellishment.


Print has the power to take your embellishments to the next level. Signet offers a full range of advanced print techniques which can be used in conjunction with our products and technologies to make any project truly extraordinary to look at, as well as delivering an important practical function.

Resin Doming

Producing a uniquely tactile effect that catches the light, our Resin Doming process (as seen in the LEVERE product range) involves the manipulation of a substrate such as PE or foil using a variety of printing techniques, forming a deluxe foundation for the application of a 3D resin ‘lens’ giving an almost liquid or glazed appearance.

Specialist Services

Nothing gets us fired up quite like a creatively challenging brief, and Signet has a full complement of advanced techniques designed to ensure we can create almost any effect you can imagine. From high-tech print to deluxe leather and metal work or adventurous finishes using soft-touch plastics or velvet flocking, we’ll bring your vision to life.

Vinyl Relief

A closely guarded Signet secret, the process of making our Coronam PVC decals involves fusing and cutting a multi-layered substrate to create a three-dimensional product boasting the look and feel of a die-cut embellishment, with the lightness and flexibility of an adhesive label.