Product development is one of our key service offerings and as such we have a dedicated in-house NPD team with a broad scope. As experts in the industry of premium packaging, we know that the consumer’s perception of a brand is key to sales.

That’s why at Signet, we make it our mission to raise the industry of brand embellishments to the highest of standards. By providing straightforward and practical additions to labelling and packaging, our brand embellishment helps boost the visibility of products.

With a finger firmly on the pulse of an ever-evolving market, we’re constantly on the lookout for new ideas, technologies and techniques as well as staying abreast of trends. Being proactive about new product development means our clients remain at the cutting edge of both technology and style for high performance, on-style results every time.


As experts in the industry of premium packaging, we know that the consumer’s perception of a brand is key to sales.

To the consumer’s eye, how a particular item looks – its packaging and labelling – are the most important considerations when buying. This is why, when your product looks premium, it’s natural for the consumers to see it as a luxury item worth the price tag. With us, brand enhancement is a principle that holds true in any retail market.

Occasionally, it’s necessary for our NPD team to react to a specific challenge that arises due to a complex brief. Our profound expertise in product embellishments means we’ll likely already have the perfect product to answer your design brief but if we don’t, we’re committed to finding it! Some of our most popular product ranges have evolved in this way; triggered by a challenging design or a gap in the market and then sourced and refined by our design team in collaboration with the manufacturer. We believe it’s always worth the extra effort to get it exactly right and when our clients feel the same way, everyone’s a winner.

Want to know more?

Signet’s expertise in the development of bespoke product embellishments is unmatched and we pride ourselves on our ability to guide and inform our customers, from initial enquiry right through to delivery and beyond.  If you’ve got a wacky idea, a tricky problem or you simply don’t know where to begin, our team of experts is waiting to help – contact us today to start your Signet journey.

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