Echoing a technique once used by ancient Egyptian kings to stamp their authority, Cartouche involves the creation of a round or oval shaped embellishment using die-casting, faux wax or flexible aluminium. Placed on the shoulder of a bottle, they are usually curved but can also be made flat and incorporated into a custom bottle shoulder.

Cartouche offers a timeless and eye-catching way to position a logo or marque so that it becomes an integral part of the product, blending seamlessly with glass or ceramic bottles in particular to create a distinctive appearance that oozes prestige.

The use of cartouches is an ideal way to differentiate between products in the same family while maintaining a cohesive brand image.

Signet’s responsive team was wonderful to work with during the redesign of Lucid Absinthe. Signet developed a unique label that will catch the consumer’s eye but will still fit into our current supply chain system. Signet’s high-quality deliverables were timely and on-budget. Lucid Absinthe is very happy with the new Signet-sourced label. Thank you!

Key attributes

  • Luxury aesthetics
  • Intricate designs achieved with die-casting or faux wax
  • Aluminium options ideal for embossing, debossing and print
  • Creates instant prestige
  • Supplied with or without adhesive backing
  • Optional location devices for precise placement
  • Automation-friendly

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Key Information

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Round or oval embellishment made from die cast zinc, aluminium or faux wax.  Usually curved to fit the bottle shoulder, cartouches are usually fitted with adhesive backing and are compatible with automation.


Often used as a means of displaying a brand’s logo or marque in 3D, cartouches are a highly effective way to differentiate between different products in the same range.

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