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A cartouche is a regal way to add your own brand messaging to a bottle. As a round or oval shaped embellishment, designed to sit on the shoulder of a bottle, a cartouche is perfect for catching the eye of customers – or anyone that comes into contact with the bottle on which it is placed.

Suitable for many different industries, the options that we provide can be produced with or without adhesive on the reverse, making them suitable for many applications. Signet are able to produce cartouches that are either die-cast, or made from flexible aluminium or faux wax. Although usually curved in style, to fit the natural shape of a bottle, a cartouche can also be flat – if constructed from flexible aluminium. We can also ensure that each item is placed on every bottle in exactly the same spot, thanks to location aids added to the back which slot perfectly into position on the glass.

Why cartouche?

For those looking for a permanent way to mark their bottle with branded emblems or messaging, a cartouche is an excellent choice. Often round or oval in shape, a cartouche becomes an integral part of a product, rather than an adornment. Regularly used to relate to a brand’s ethos, or to differentiate between different products in a collection, a cartouche offers a consistent and easy to spot way to add additional detail for your treasured customers – enriching their overall experience.



Kilchoman Distillery

When working on creating die cast coins for each type of Kilchoman Distillery whisky, Signet wanted to evoke the grassroots history of the brand.

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Cartouches are a timeless way to uniquely mark your product. Used since the ancient times, Cartouches are a valuable way to distinguish brands. Our Cartouches bring a modern twist to this timeless embellishment.

A cartouche can be provided with a location device on the reverse of the embellishment which fits into a location recess on the bottle to guarantee the decoration is applied correctly every time.

Cartouches can be provided with an adhesive reverse, on a sheet, or as individuals.

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