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Nothing signifies a leader in their field quite like a gleaming medallion, and in the world of high-quality packaging, the same applies. Medallions are designed to hang around the neck of a bottle using either leather, cord or ribbon straps, providing an added extra for all those who come into contact with it. When designing box or tin packaging, a medallion can be used as an alternative to a smaller charm to help emphasise a particular element of the packaging.

Not only can the medallions Signet provides be personalised to suit individual requirements, they also come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials – including plastic or metal medallions. We are also able to incorporate additional features, such as attaching items like booklets or tags, or additional promotional materials. Many people choose to keep these medallions as a keepsake, due to their exceptional quality and unique appeal.

Why medallions?

Medallions offer an excellent, and efficient, way to adorn bottles for events, awards, anniversary editions, or other promotional activities. Thanks to the ability to add medallions to a product after they’ve been bottled, or even in-store, they are an effective way to add a special touch without having to adapt currently manufacturing processes – or having to add another step to your supply chain. Depending on the needs of your brand, we can create bespoke medallions of different shapes, sizes and colours.




We created a beautiful large medallion to feature on special bottles of Bacardi Oakheart, which were being awarded to US Navy Seals in remembrance for Extortion 17.


Cavoda Vodka

We were asked to create a crisp and clean medallion which reflected the qualities of this French inspired vodka.


Woodford Reserve

When creating something special for a 200th year edition of Woodford Reserve, we crafted copper-plated medallions which could be easily kept by customers.


Gordon and Macphail

We developed a die-cast metal seal that is also used as a closing.

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Our medallions can offer the perfect unique finishing touch for special packaging and bottles. Medallions are easily customised to suit your brand's needs, which allows you a highly creative touch with a high quality finished product.

Medallions can be added to the bottle during or after the bottling process, including at store.
Medallions can be supplied on tubes or as individuals.

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