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A Mark of Quality Infused with Authenticity

Signet specialises in luxury packaging enhancement, offering a range of artisan decorations designed to elevate your brand or product to new heights


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A mark of quality

Since the dawn of time, man has sought to leave his mark on the world. From monarchs to merchants, history shows us how stamps, seals and signatures have been used to denote everything from authority to assent.

Signet takes its name from the small seals once used to represent a family’s heritage, often worn as rings and pressed into ink or wax.

Even in the 21st century we at Signet remain captivated by the ability of such marks to communicate values and ideals. We believe that subconsciously, the human mind still searches for symbols that confer integrity and prestige on the items we surround ourselves with.

We encourage you to browse our inspiration gallery and discover for yourself how Signet could further enhance the authenticity and finesse of your branding.


When great packaging design comes together with Signet product decorations, a little bit of magic happens. It’s not just the look; it’s the feel, even the energy a beautiful tag, stopper or wax seal can bring. We’re experts in transforming special into extraordinary.

Ribbon Tear Strip
Levere Resin Doming
Marque Flexible Aluminium Label
Faux Wax Seal
Neck Collar
Flexible label Charm
Neck Wrap
Bottle Base


Many of the world’s best-loved brands rely on Signet to deliver the final flourish, the stamp of quality – the visual reassurance for customers that they are choosing the best. From fine wines to luxury cosmetics, our diverse product range is endlessly versatile and always inspiring.

Chris Jaume & Abbie Neilson Cooper King

The care you took in your sample packs even, showed us we wanted to work with a quality supplier.  We realised if we wanted a quality product we couldn’t compromise on quality products. It isn’t the only element to the pack design, but it definitely goes a long way to set us apart from our competitors.

Hood River Distillers Hood River Distillers

Signet’s responsive team was wonderful to work with during the redesign of Lucid Absinthe. Signet developed a unique label that will catch the consumer’s eye but will still fit into our current supply chain system. Signet’s high-quality deliverables were timely and on-budget. Lucid Absinthe is very happy with the new Signet-sourced label. Thank you!

Martin Murray Dunnet Bay Distillers

We bring ideas to Signet that we know others won’t be able to do! You turn concepts into reality and tell me the ideas that are feasible.

Jeppe Skovbakke Juhl Woodhill Gin

I’m a start-up company who has valued all your advice. The product is the first thing, the name the second and the visual identity the third. Your premium quality charm has given my bottle its visual identity.

Hannah Wardle Orchard Gin Company

We’re so happy we persevered with our goal in mind and found Signet!

Louisa Barron Sipsmith

We have been working with Signet for a while and you always provide high quality service, you’re very proactive at finding the solution and getting the job done.

Maxime Zanelli Pernod Ricard New Zealand

Never under-estimate the impact of finish elements like a seal. It’s not always about print or labelling!

Signet are proud to work with