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We produce bespoke embellishments and labels that are a perfect fit for your bottle and brand. No matter how complex the challenge.



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We're about delivering the perfect fit

Finding you the ‘perfect fit’ speaks to our technical design know-how, the breadth of potential solutions we can offer and our inherent obsession with getting the details right for you.

Work with us and we’ll produce embellishments and labels that align with your needs — down to the concept, material, finish, application, quality and delivery.

With over 30 years of expertise, we now exclusively work with ambitious drinks brands that have their sights set on growth.

What are you looking for?

Premium embellishments

Create unique experiences for your customer through luxurious and tactile embellishments and premium labels. Because your future customers won’t remember what you tell them, they’ll remember how you made them feel.

Let us work with you to create something truly distinctive. Unlike other providers, we offer choice so we don’t need to push one product or solution at you. We’re led by finding the best fit for your brand and customer.


Design-Ready for manufacture

We work with many drinks brands and creative agencies to design and produce embellishments and labels that are ready for mass manufacture.

Our design for manufacture service will:

  • Propose multiple ways of bringing your idea to life using different materials, finishes and applications
  • Take steps to create the perfect fit to any complexity of bottle as well as any other specific requirements
  • Design in line with your existing processes to ensure consistent application for every single bottle
  • Give you full control and feedback over the look and feel at every step of the design journey


Automatic application

As ambitious growth brands, you’ll likely evolve your processes from manual to automated embellishment and label application.

We have a dedicated team that can assist you in determining the most suitable automation approach and enable successful integration of our products into your new or existing processes.

Our locations

With worldwide clients and production based in Europe, we now operate 4 regional hubs in the UK and USA.

Signet HQ
Bakewell Road, Peterborough
+44 (0)1733 396 080

Signet London
Sycamore Street, Barbican, London
+44 (0)1733 396 080

Signet Scotland
Clashburn Close, Kinross, Scotland
+44 (0)1733 396 080

Signet USA
Summit, New Jersey, USA
+1 (908) 367-8046