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For a unique, effective way of including branding on any type of packaging, badges are the perfect option. A badge can be placed anywhere on a bottle or box, and can be any shape or size, making them fully customisable to your needs. The option to have flat or curved badges means they blend seamlessly with your product, offering a tactile and yet subtle option for adding branding.

The badges we create are integral to the packaging, and can be produced with or without adhesive on the reverse – depending on your requirements. With the option to include the logo, or use the badge as a marque, this bespoke branding technique offers endless opportunities for brands looking to add something special to their packaging.

Why Badges?

Badges are an effective, impressive way of adorning your packaging with an emblem that truly reflects your brand message. With the option to relate the badge to a brand, a special anniversary or even a promotional event, badges are incredibly versatile. They can either feature simply a logo, or can have information included, with the option to die-cast or craft them from flexible aluminium. As more of a permanent feature, designed as an integral part of the pack rather than an addition, badges are a wonderful option.



Monkey Shoulder

We developed the brand badges for Monkey Shoulder, which feature a location device and fit within a location recess for a seamless design.



We created a self-adhesive metal plaque to sit on a wooden box was the brief from Laphroaig, and Signet excelled in creating a gorgeous option.



We created a cost-effective and colour matched metal plaque with adhesive on the reverse.

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Our badges can be used to create a truly powerful authoritative look for your brand and packaging. Signet badges are bespoke permanent embellishments, customised to suit your brands' needs.

Our badges can be supplied with or without a self-adhesive back and can be supplied on a sheet or as individuals.

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