The Chase Distillery was established by William Chase on his own farm in the Herefordshire countryside. A potato farmer, William’s first foray into farm diversification led him to set up the hugely successful Tyrrell’s Crisps, but as that enterprise grew, he found himself in search of a new direction – and potato vodka seemed an obvious choice! Today, Chase Distillery’s reputation for stunning single-estate vodka has spread far and wide.


The Chase Distillery approached Signet for help to create a very special look for a very special limited edition bottling of their ‘field to bottle’ vodka. William had obtained a number of cognac barrels which he filled with vodka and left to mature for some time. Having sampled the barrel-aged spirit, he company was very keen to release it as a special, one-off edition with a very limited number of bottles available – therefore they also wanted to produce a one-off bottle worthy of a collector.


Chase had a basic design from their creative partner but they wanted to make it really unique and so we gave them several options, one of which was a pewter-type embossed label with a beautiful aged patina, which they loved. The labels were actually made from a tin-based substrate which had all the malleability the client needed to wrap effortlessly around the bottle. The sheets of tin were treated with electrolysis to produce an aged effect before being embossed and die-stamped, before the adhesive was applied to the back. These labels were applied to both the box and the bottle so they were supplied flat, with the careful choice of substrate meaning the label could be applied flat or curved to fit the bottle.


This was a very successful project for both Chase and Signet, with a total of 1000 units supplied to complete the limited edition run of this wonderful, one-off vodka, which completely sold out. Signet is proud to have worked with Chase again since, partnering with the firm on the decoration of bottles for their exclusive partnership with the SAS.

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Never under-estimate the impact of finish elements like a seal. It’s not always about print or labelling!

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