Founded by William Grant, the Glenfiddich Distillery was hand built from the ground up. Today, Glenfiddich is one of the world’s best-loved single malts and indeed is the Scotch that has won more awards than any other. A 38-year-old bottle of Glenfiddich Single Malt is a very special thing indeed, and when the company needed help with an exclusive bottling for the Chinese market, Signet was honoured to get involved.


Glenfiddich’s 38-year-old single malt was already in the Asian travel market, but the bottler, Stoelze, had experienced some problems with the neck collar on the bottle. The bottle itself is made from hand blown lead crystal with real gold inlay and a super-intricate presentation box – so the fact that the existing gold neck collar was oxidizing, becoming dull and discoloured, was a real problem for the overall image. Stoelze approached Signet looking for a product that would perform as required without adding unnecessary cost.


The main problem with the existing neck collar used by Glenfiddich was its reaction to the humidity in the air in the Far East, which was causing the metals to oxidise. Signet was able to overcome that with a zamac die cast collar, plated in real gold and subjected to extensive environmental testing to ensure the same problem would not occur. Once we were satisfied with the performance of the materials, we moved on to tweak the overall design of the collar. We added a mechanical closure that enabled the collar to be produced in two parts that would clip together invisibly for faster, easier application to the bottle, and we also adapted the die to include an anti-rotation device – a protrusion inside the collar which corresponds to a notch in the glass, preventing the collar from twisting around during use.


This was an extremely successful project which demonstrated Signet’s problem-solving capabilities perfectly. Presented with a specific challenge we used our extensive product knowledge to source a solution that answered every part of the client’s brief in terms of practicality, performance and cost. Glenfiddich were delighted with the overall look of the piece, which remains one of the most ornate bottles of Glenfiddich ever produced and is a global collector’s item.

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