Penhaligon’s is one of England’s foremost perfumers, boasting a 147-year heritage and no less than two Royal warrants. Penhaligon’s started life as a barber shop where owner William Henry Penhaligon gained a reputation for mixing his own fragrance, inspired by the Turkish baths next door. Before long, he had opened his own fragrance shop selling unique scents inspired by global culture and each telling their own fascinating story.


For the launch of a new fragrance called Juniper Sling, Penhaligon’s and their design agency, London-based JKR, looked to the world of gin distilling for label inspiration. Their concept was to create a very premium label made from metal that would be different to anything used on other perfume bottles. An identical label also had to be created for application to the presentation box – both befitting of the brand’s prestigious reputation.


Signet worked with the client to explore a number of options for this distinctive label. There were two key challenges; the first being the requirement to apply the same label to both bottle and box, which would have required an extra process to pre-curve a rigid metal label to match the profile of the bottle. Signet overcame this issue by presenting our Marque flexible aluminium as a solution. Lightweight and flexible, the label was printed and embossed to give the illusion of a weighty metal label but with the advantage that it could be supplied flat and applied by hand to both the bottle and the box. Penhaligon’s were also anxious that the intricate shape of the die-stamped label might present sharp edges if the label was to lift, so Signet was at pains to ensure the adhesive would not fail even in hot or humid conditions.


Penhaligon’s were delighted with the outcome on this project and rightly so; the result was an attention-grabbing, high quality label that reflects the brand perfectly and really conveys the story of the product and its gin-based roots! Importantly, the use of Marque flexible aluminium labels removed a step from the production process, which reduced the lead time for this product and also the cost of application

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Never under-estimate the impact of finish elements like a seal. It’s not always about print or labelling!

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