One of the most important aspects of packaging design is colour – from the colour of the label to the colour of the product embellishments. While it’s common practice for brands to match the packaging of their product with their brand colours, it’s incredibly noticeable when the colours don’t quite match. This can often make the product appear mismatched and as a result, customers can question the quality of the product. The simplest and most effective way to avoid this is through the use of the Pantone Matching System (PMS).

What is the Pantone Matching System?

This system is a standardised colour reproduction process which helps with colour identification and matching. By using a numbering system to identify colours it makes it easy for manufacturers to match colours without having to pester the client by requiring the specific shade.

Each shade has a unique number allocated to it, which is made up of three or four digit numbers and one of the following letters, C, U or M. These letters stand for Coated, Uncoated and Matte. In total, the PMS colour palette has 1,114 colours, helping manufacturers to prevent colour inconsistencies.
How Signet can help

At Signet, we understand the importance of a brand’s look and feel – as well as the significance of unity when it comes to product packaging. With packaging, the simple but consistent use of colour has a big impact on the overall aesthetic of the bottle. That’s why we use the Pantone Matching System for a range of our embellishments, including our ribbon tear strips and our wax pellets.

Ribbon Tear Strips

Our ribbon tear strips, an excellent addition to even the most modest packaging, are designed for use with our bottle sealing wax pellets. We Pantone match the ribbon our clients request with a PMS ribbon card, so that we can provide them with ribbon tear strips that match their branding colours or the specific shade that they need.

Wax Pellets

Our wax pellets, a great way to seal your product while also adding a touch of elegance, can also be matched to our PMS ribbon card, allowing our customers to utilise the matching of ribbon tear strips and wax seals. Not only does this mean that you can match ribbon tear strips with the wax, but it also helps to hide the ribbon tear strip, keeping the packaging clean and consistent with brand colours. As our wax pellets require a specific melting temperature of 65 degrees, we recommend using a thermometer – which can be purchased with your wax pellets.


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