At Signet, we offer bottle sealing wax as part of our range of services – designed to bring a touch of luxury and sophistication to a bottle. Our bottle sealing wax comes in two available options: wax pellets and wax blocks.

The use of wax as a form of preserving alcohol has been around for centuries, with this tried-and-tested technique used to maintain freshness and create a tamper-proof seal. The use of wax as a sealant is still to this day in very high demand, with many brands now using this feature to give a much more sophisticated overall appeal to a bottle or product. As such, it’s often favoured by luxury brands.

Wax Pellets

Our wax pellets are an effective way of achieving fully customisable high-quality results for your brand, whether that’s a specific colour, finish, or through the inclusion of a ribbon tear strip. Our unique pelletised packs allow for quicker melting and easier adherence, with no compromise on quality, style and function and an easier addition to production processes.

The production process for applying bottle sealing wax can be altered to your individual requirements and we pride ourselves on having this approach. Through this, we’re working on ensuring that brands and businesses of all sizes have the option to use wax in a way that creates a special, hand-finished aesthetic – through using a process that’s as simple and efficient as possible.

Wax Blocks

Wax blocks are a great alternative to pellets and provide the same hallmark of high-quality and sophistication. Our unique blocks offer as much style and functionality as pellets, however due to their larger volume, the temperature of the pot is decreased, meaning that more time is required to bring the temperature back to the correct level. Once the optimum temperature is reached however, it can be regulated very efficiently.

Bottle Sealing Wax Service

Looking to include bottle sealing wax as part of your product’s packaging? At Signet, we work with a varied selection of clients to create embellishments and services that enhance your product packaging – and help to make your brand stand out from the crowd.


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