Produced by the Northumberland Spirit Company and renowned for its smoothness and unique flavour, Alnwick Gin is a small batch, hand crafted Gin, made in the rural heart of this historic northern county.

Alnwick Gin fully embrace the concept of quality production, from their discerning choice of botanicals to their unique stoneware bottle. Each batch of Alnwick Gin is never made in more than 100 litre batches, with every bottle individually marked with its batch number and Ginmaster’s signature, to fully demonstrate the attention to detail that the brand represents.


To couple with their distinctive stoneware bottle, the Alnwick Gin brand heritage is represented by a pewter style label that delivers a subtle nod to the rich history of the local area. With its blueish tint and metallic appearance, pewter is often prized as a precious metal, and as a material is renowned for its artistic merit and craftmanship, making it ideal to represent the high-quality expertise and workmanship that goes into every Alnwick Gin bottle.

Signet was tasked by Alnwick Gin to replicate their current eye-catching pewter label solution. This challenge involved delivering a cost saving on the current expensive solution, while ensuring that the look and feel remained unchanged to the consumer.


Working closely with the team at Alnwick Gin it was decided that our Marque label range would be the ideal solution. Our Marque flexible aluminium labels are known for their versatile nature and allow for printing, embossing and laser cutting.

This enabled us to produce an aluminium label with a special pewter-effect finish, to replicate their previous pewter label without any visible difference to the consumer.

Precision laser cut to the distinctive castellated shape of the original, the new Marque label was overprinted with characteristic finishes including shadowing and antique brushing to flawlessly imitate the all-important pewter look.


With a significant saving on their original label cost, the new Marque label helped Alnwick Gin to dramatically reduce their cost of goods sold (COGS) without any deterioration of visual quality.

Market research has also shown consumers could not distinguish any visible difference between the original high-cost pewter label and our high-quality Marque reproduction, meeting the original specification of the brief.

Following an initial sample production, the client was impressed enough to order in bulk, and to date Signet has produced over 5,000 front labels for this amazing craft gin brand.

Not only that, but we have continued to build this relationship with over 5,000 tamper-evident labels, and a further range of specialist labels for other brands within the Northumberland Spirit Company portfolio.

Client Alnwick Gin
Material Flexible Aluminium
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