In the 21st century marketplace, it’s not enough to produce a fine quality product that delivers on customer expectations – you must find ways to communicate those attributes at the point of sale.

Many of the world’s best-loved brands rely on Signet to deliver the final flourish, the stamp of quality – the visual reassurance customers need to know they are choosing the best.

Signet caters to the needs and preferences of a diverse and distinguished clientele. We are constantly looking for new ways to appeal to those in the prestige market, and we collaborate to create products that exude elegance and quality. You can rely on Signet to enhance your brand packaging. Work with us today.

Our expertise spans a range of industries, including but not limited to the following:

Premium Drinks

Emphasize your brand’s heritage and sophistication with custom embellishments including our Marque aluminium labels, die cast coins and charms. Signet specializes in bottle sealing wax, neck wraps and collars, and a full range of complementary hangtags, ribbons, cords and other accents compatible with both glass and plastic bottles as well as presentation boxes.


Home and Beauty

From deluxe candles to exclusive toiletries and cosmetics, the addition of product decorations like our Marque aluminium and Levere resin labels, faux wax seals or delightful hanging charms can bring a tactile aesthetic to your packaging and appeal to the consumer on a multi-sensory level. Signet has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious brands, developing embellishments that blend seamlessly with their overall brand image.


Luxury Fragrance

The decadence of fine fragrance demands a similarly detailed approach to packaging, for a look and feel that resonates with quality and heritage. The addition of a faux wax seal, Marque embossed aluminium or Coronam polymer label elevates the humble glass bottle into an elegant and refined receptacle befitting of its luxurious contents.

Fine foods and chocolate

Signet’s range of Levere resin labels, personalized ribbons and wax seals are the perfect final flourish for fine food packaging. From artisan chocolate to delicious preserves, the right embellishments can make a strong statement about the quality of your product that’s a real feast for the eyes.


Merchandise is an essential element of any deluxe brand’s offering. Many of the techniques we use to create bespoke product decorations are easily adapted to the manufacture of pin badges, fridge magnets, keyrings and other accessories that perfectly reflect your brand image and complement your packaging design. Ideal for giveaways and trade shows, Signet’s range of merchandise is both functional and desirable.


Jewellery & Fashion

Designer accessories like jewellery, leather goods and sunglasses present unique challenges in the retail environment. High quality branding is a must, but packaging isn’t possible since these items are often handled by the consumer prior to purchase. Signet’s range of 3D hang tags provides a perfect solution; our plastic and faux wax embellishments can be suspended from a ribbon or cord making them simple to attach to a label or directly onto the product.

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