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Signet demonstrates its dedication and workmanship through the unmistakable quality of the products we offer to our clients. Since we began to trade over 20 years ago, we have served various industries including corporate and food manufacturing, among others. Our top priority is to ensure that our clients can provide their customers with quality products that have a premium feel and which give a pleasurable experience to the recipient.

Having worked with a diverse clientele, we understand their varying tastes and requirements and work hard to create the designs they are looking for. Countless companies have been delighted with the high-quality embellishments we have produced to adorn their prestige products. Signet products have been seen on:

Premium Spirits and Wine

Signet embellishments can be customised to complement glass packaging, such as those used for spirits and wines, providing a faux embossed effect. Some wine and spirit manufacturers opt for polymer designs, which can be attached to bows and cords. These also lend a professional and sophisticated aesthetic to premium drinks.

Home and Garden

Garden pots and home improvement products can have a distinctive and classic look with the brand’s customised quality seal. Signet has worked with various home and garden brands, and their services have helped to elevate the clients’ products above those of their rivals.


Metal labels adorning signature perfumes not only catch the eye of perfume lovers, they also make the product appear more attractive. Our embellishments give perfume bottles just the right amount of shine, and complement the scents with their customised design.

Fine Foods and Chocolate

Our resin domed seals complete fine food packaging. Complementing the overall presentation of food products such as traditional preserves, hotel chocolates and mints, among other products, our bespoke resin domed seals are perfect indicators of unmatched quality.

Signet caters to the needs and preferences of a diverse and distinguished clientele. We are constantly looking for new ways to appeal to those in the prestige market, and we collaborate to create products that exude elegance and quality. You can rely on Signet to enhance your brand packaging. Work with us today.