In an era where sustainability is gaining paramount importance, drinks brands are exploring ways to reduce or remove secondary packaging, such as gift boxes or elaborate packaging, without compromising the luxury experience.

While sustainability is a critical influencer in design and manufacture, without the draw of a giftable box, the onus on the bottle itself takes centre stage. Can your bottle hold its own in delivering a heightened sense of luxury while still being a worthy choice for gifting?

In this article, we will explore key considerations around this movement. to support those of you who need to level up their bottle design, so is is visually captivating, relevant, and irreplaceable – in the wake of a ditched gift box (or just because).

We’ll be looking at:


Bespoke bottle designs

The bottle becomes the centrepiece of the packaging and needs to make a bold statement.

As you look to make the move to remove secondary packaging, you could invest in a bespoke glass bottle design that exudes unique elegance, sophistication, and exclusivity. You could also consider collaborations with renowned designers to create distinctive, visually appealing bottles that are conversation starters in themselves.

We work with some fantastic glass bottling partners who we would be happy to recommend.

Premium quality embellishments and labels

Embellishments can add a touch of opulence and reinforce the premium nature of the brand. Colourful Marque™ labels, with detailed embossing or debossing, and intricate patterns can elevate the bottle’s aesthetics, captivating the eye and inviting exploration. And of course once they do pick up your bottle, they can also experience the luxury tactility that a box may have previously delivered.

Equally, in the absence of secondary packaging, the label becomes a crucial element in capturing attention and conveying the brand’s story. Invest in high-quality label materials and consider unique ways to convey your brand’s distinctiveness. Custom illustrations, typography, or abstract design can further enhance the label’s visual appeal and differentiate the brand.

Helpful hint: Select embellishments that align with your brand’s personality, communicate your values in a direct and/or indirect way, and ultimately prioritise ways of showcasing these messages in a way that resonates with the target audience’s preferences. What make you unique is your story and the quality of your drink. Focus on communicating that.


Personalisation and limited editions

Offering personalised options or limited editions can create a sense of exclusivity and make the bottle even more appealing as a gift.

Including a handwritten signature or a special greetings message on the bottle adds a personal touch. Alternatively, you can include sequential numbering into your label design (in an automated way) to give you a scalable way of providing a sense of rarity.

Introducing limited edition releases with unique packaging designs can generate excitement among collectors and enthusiasts, maintaining relevance and desirability.

Brand values

How does your design align with your sustainability initiatives and brand values? You’ve made an amazing decision to reduce or remove your secondary packaging, how else are you communicating these values as a brand? Utilising eco-friendly materials, such as recycled embellishments, sends a strong message of environmental consciousness.

Transparent communication about the brand’s commitment to sustainability will resonate with your conscientious consumers.

Storytelling and heritage

Premium spirits and wines often have rich histories and compelling stories behind their creation.

Brands can leverage this heritage through elegant bottle labels that incorporate storytelling elements. Including details about the brand’s origin, production methods, or key ingredients helps create an emotional connection with customers, making the bottle a meaningful and a better gift opportunity beyond its visual appeal.

Collaborations and partnerships

Exploring collaborations with luxury brands from other industries can inject new life into the bottle design. Collaborative designs that merge the expertise of renowned artists, designers, or even fashion houses can result in extraordinary and highly sought-after bottles. These unique partnerships will ensure that your brand remains relevant, distinctive, and desirable to customers. It also allows you to expand your relevance to a wider luxury audience that could pay long-term dividends.


As some brands look to reduce or eliminate secondary packaging for sustainability purposes, it is crucial to recognise the heightened importance of the primary packaging—the bottle itself.

By investing in striking bottle designs, quality embellishments, captivating label designs, and aligning packaging with brand values, luxury spirit and wine brands can ensure that their products continue to stand out, remain relevant, and deliver a luxurious experience.

Your bottle becomes an essential tool to captivate consumers and make an enduring impression, even without the aid of secondary packaging, making it a desirable gift option for colleagues, friends, and family.

We’re here if you want some ideas on next steps.



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