At Signet, in addition to supplying a whole host of expertly crafted bottle embellishments, we offer an automation consultancy service to ensure your labels and embellishments look just as good as intended. Read along as Rick Stevens, our Technical Sales Manager, answers our client’s most frequently asked questions and debunks some common myths about automation.

What is your role at Signet, regarding automation?
My role involves providing advice and consultancy to clients, assisting them in determining the most suitable automation approach for their specific needs. I collaborate closely with their chosen automation company, as well as our partners, to ensure the successful integration of our products into the brand’s processes.

Why should companies consider investing in automation?
Investing in automation is crucial for companies looking to expand their brand and ramp up production. It allows them to maintain consistency and produce high-quality products at a larger scale, which ultimately leads to significant growth opportunities.

Which Signet products can be automated?
We’ve made significant strides in automating a range of Signet products. This includes die-cast zamac badges and cartouches, Marque™ labels, ribbon tear strips, and we’ve even successfully worked with other products like faux wax seals. We’re able to automate the majority of Signet’s products, providing companies with a wide array of options for streamlining their production processes.

What’s a common misconception you’ve come across regarding automation?
One aspect of automation clients often misinterpret is automation being limited in its capabilities, especially when it comes to handling intricate materials like metal labels. However, due to significant advancements, we can effectively automate the production of metal labels. It’s a testament to the remarkable progress in automation technology.

Is automation only feasible for large distilleries and well-established brands?
It’s a common misbelief, but the truth is, automation isn’t exclusive to large enterprises. Even smaller companies can integrate this technology into their production processes. As a matter of fact, we have an extensive portfolio of independent distilleries that we’ve partnered with. This demonstrates that automation is accessible and advantageous for businesses of varying sizes.

For instance, we’re currently collaborating with a small, local brewery situated on a remote island in Scotland. Beyond the enhanced speed and accuracy in badge application, the real game-changer is the ability to redirect staff resources elsewhere in the distillery. Given the limited availability of staff on such a remote island, this proves to be an invaluable benefit.

Has Signet got experience providing services for both semi-automatic and fully automatic labelling machines?
Yes, we have extensive experience with both semi-automatic and fully automatic labelling machines. We understand the unique requirements and intricacies of each, ensuring that we can cater to a wide spectrum of client needs.

Can Signet help to integrate a bottle labelling machine with an existing production line?
We collaborate closely with both the labelling machine producer and the bottling line producer to seamlessly integrate any product. We’ve established partnerships with reputable automation companies like Makro Labelling and others in the industry. This ensures a smooth transition and optimal performance, allowing businesses to enhance their production processes without any disruption.

What would you say are the limitations of a manual labelling machine, and conversely, what advantages does automation bring to the table?
When it comes to manual bottle labelling, the limitations often revolve around the speed of application and the potential for human error, especially in a repetitive process. This is where automation truly shines. It offers a range of benefits, including heightened accuracy, increased speed, consistent application, and a lower overall cost after the initial investment.

Moreover, automation provides the added advantage of reallocating staff resources. By automating this process, staff can be upskilled and deployed in other departments or areas of the production line, optimising overall efficiency. It’s a win-win situation for both productivity and workforce development.

What are the key factors that businesses should keep in mind when they’re considering automation for their application process?
There are several crucial factors should be considered when contemplating automation for labelling applications. These include the speed of the bottling line, precise product placement, compatibility with existing equipment, space requirements, desired output speed, production quantities, integration capabilities, and compliance with European and USA business standards. As for eligibility, it depends on factors like bottle shape and budget; for more complex shapes or tighter budgets, manual labelling may be more suitable. Nevertheless, we’re here to help and can recommend trusted automation partners to explore all possibilities.

Why should someone choose to work with Signet for their automation needs?
Choosing Signet brings a wealth of experience across various automation fields to the table. We collaborate closely with renowned automation companies to craft tailored solutions for our clients. Moreover, we’re flexible and can customize our products if necessary to ensure a seamless fit into their specific processes. This level of adaptability and expertise sets us apart and assures our clients of a solution that’s not just effective, but precisely aligned with their unique requirements.

We hope that has helped to answer your automation questions – should you have further questions or need personalised advice, call us on 01733 396080 or book an appointment with Rick. The future of bottle embellishments is automated, and Signet is here to lead the way.


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