When it comes to marketing products in this day and age, it can be argued that consumers are no longer simply sold by the product. As a result of the way that marketing has changed over the years, brands all over the world are vying for attention from consumers in all areas of their lives. This means that you need to find something to make your brand and your product stand out.

What you actually should be marketing to your consumers alongside your product is an experience – a lifestyle.

Why sell a lifestyle?

When consumers see your product, they form ideas and opinions on it – regardless of how much information you’ve provided about it, or whether you’ve already started marketing it. When you’re selling a product, realistically that’s only 25% of what you’re actually selling.

There are so many products in our lives every day and, as a society, we are constantly surrounded by the latest thing we must buy. This is why establishing your brand and product by marketing a lifestyle is something that customers are much more responsive too. Products that sell a lifestyle create an aspirational feeling, leading customers to think that this item will help them achieve a better quality of living, or grasp the kind of lifestyle that they’re striving for.

How do you sell a lifestyle?

The first step is to consider the kind of lifestyle that your audience is attracted to. “What do they like doing?”, “what do they care about?”, “where do they like going?” – these are all questions that you should be asking. Ensure that you’re keeping your answers streamlined – the last thing you want to do is muddle up your brand message. Use the answers to these questions in the story your product tells and spread that message across a range of different platforms. This could mean creating content that would interest your chosen audience, or posting on social media with messaging targeted to a specific type of person.

A great example of a brand that has successfully sold a lifestyle is Whole Foods. As well as being an established brand in both the UK and the US, they have gained the reputation of having the best and freshest produce. Whole Foods’ biggest audience are those who are health conscious, as a result of this, they produce content that is designed to appeal to this audience, this content lives on their website blog but is also shared on their designated UK social media platforms.

Despite originally being a US brand, Whole Foods UK is just as informative as its US counterpart. The brand focuses on talking about subjects like healthy eating and organic produce, as well as offering support to parents who want to get their children to eat healthier, and those who have dietary requirements. Alongside an impressive social media presence, where they regularly interact with users, Whole Foods UK sells a lifestyle – not just good fresh food.


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