A gateway to the digital world, the use of Near Field Communication technology is transforming the way users interact with products in store and at home.

Integrating an NFC chip into your product embellishment enables the consumer to scan the chip with their smartphone for instant access to online content controlled by you, whether that’s a campaign landing page, a video, a cocktail recipe or even other products to complement their purchase.  NFC also allows you to monitor stock in real time and track the location of individual bottles for both provenance and market research purposes.

Whatever you use it for, NFC allows you to load your packaging with far more information than you could ever fit on a traditional label and it’s unobtrusive in terms of the overall look.  We can fit NFC tags to our Levere resin domed products, faux wax seals and hangtags, and we’re working hard to develop solutions for metal and die cast products too.

We have been working with Signet for a while and you always provide high quality service, you’re very proactive at finding the solution and getting the job done.

Key Attributes

  • Small and unobtrusive
  • Connect physical product to digital content
  • Creates a feeling of exclusivity
  • Control what your customer sees
  • Monitor sales and track product throughout the logistics process



Key Information

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Small, unobtrusive tags incorporate easily into faux wax, die cast, resin domed and many other products – works with a smartphone app to direct the consumer to relevant online content.


Supply additional brand or product information, direct traffic to your site or immerse the user in interactive online marketing campaigns.

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