The background

Founded in 1782, Teeling Whiskey is a brand deeply rooted in Irish heritage and has a rich history in the world of whiskey-making and entrepreneurship. We worked alongside Teeling Whiskey to create a unique label solution ahead of the launch of Blackpitts, their prestigious new Single Malt whiskey.

“Given its industrial heritage we really wanted the whiskey that was inspired by this to reflect in its packaging while at the same time ensuring it was premium and different to add something not only to the Teeling Whiskey range of expressions but also stand out in the world of Single Malts and in particular Peated Single Malts.” – Jack Teeling, Managing Director at Teeling Whiskey

Our solution

Using several historical brass and metallic antiquities salvaged from the historic Blackpitts area of Dublin, we worked alongside Teeling Whiskey and their design partners to create several unique foot label solutions that would complement their current bottle design, yet offer a distinctive premium feel for the new Blackpitts product.

“Our plans for Blackpitts involved leveraging our bottling partners rather than hand bottling it ourselves so it was critical that we could ensure before we placed our orders that our bottling partner could run it on their lines. Thankfully, through meaningful engagement with all parties, we could successful trial the reel application and move this forward to production.” -Jack Teeling, Managing Director at Teeling Whiskey

Using our exclusive Marque™ aluminium label, we delivered an eye-catching 3-dimensional look that visibly stands out against other paper labels of similar design.

Intricate embossed details and typography, contrast against a specialist textured black background. The distinctive red emblem also captures their unique product story in a concise, attention-grabbing way. The result is a subtle nod to the traditional nature of the inspirational Blackpitts area, while conveying high-quality and premium style.

“The Marque™ label really gives it the stand out quality and uniqueness on shelf and, in hand, that has resonated with consumers as it can clearly and simply communicate the story and points of difference that Blackpitts have to other Teeling, Irish and Single Malt whiskeys.”



Client Teeling Whiskey
Material Marque™