Loch Lomond is not your ordinary whisky producer; with a rich history dating back centuries, the brand embodies an unwavering spirit of exploration and a commitment to pushing boundaries. Approaching us to renovate and modernise their label solution, Loch Lomond were keen to retain their heritage brand feel but ensure that the premium quality of their product was accurately portrayed through a new solution.

Our solution

With our expert guidance and creative input, we were able to reinvigorate the look and feel of the Loch Lomond 21 and 30-year-old Single Malt Whisky while retaining the brand continuity and heritage that make Loch Lomond distilleries a unique distinctive product range.

Using the Marque™ aluminium label as the main focal point of the bottle allowed us to add a layer of visual and tactile appeal.

Loch Lomond label

By using the versatile design and finishing capabilities that Marque™ offers, we created a deep embossed logo that stands out in both colour and embossed feel, a beautiful contrast against the sleek gloss of the bottle, drawing the eye and capturing the imagination.

To further embellish and add notable prestige to the bottle, we crafted two stunningly intricate diecast coins, with colour-matched enamel infill, to be embedded into the recesses of the bottle design adding an element of historical nostalgia to the design, these antique faded coins help the 30-year-old whisky stand out from the crowd by harnessing its core brand story, but also offer a premium look and tactile quality that elevates the visual appeal of the bottle to new levels.

Loch Lomond die-cast coin

We identified a bespoke foamed adhesive, that withstands the climatic demands of extensive air travel to ensure a smooth and easy fitting process. This fitting process was further aided by a bespoke jig designed and produced by our team, to allow Loch Lomond to assemble and apply the new label and embellishments with repeatable accuracy, and at speed.

The result

Lochlomond packaging - label and coin

Launched primarily in Asia, the rejuvenated Loch Lomond 30-year-old whisky was a huge success, with great feedback from consumers who appreciated the attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into the new label design. We continue to develop further label solutions for the Loch Lomond brand family and look forward to enhancing their premiumisation and brand messaging in the future.

Client Loch Lomond
Material Marque™ and die-cast