Founded in 1875, Glenglassaugh earned its acclaim for coastal whisky, crafted in a serene, natural environment. In 2016, it became a part of the Brown-Forman portfolio, leading to a rebrand which aimed to encapsulate the natural beauty that surrounds the Scottish distillery. This transformation included the release of three new expressions, harmoniously capturing the elements of Glenglassaugh’s spirit.

In search of an embellishment to compliment the newly refined and contemporary aesthetic, Glenglassaugh approached us to create a distinctive embellishment. They sought a solution that not only met high-quality standards but could also be produced in large quantities, all while maintaining a premium look and feel.

To compliment the smooth, glossy waves of the glass, we presented two material options to consider. The first was a diecast metal choice, offering a traditional, substantial feel with a touch of luxury. The second option was Marque™, a lightweight, flexible alternative with a premium appearance.

Glenglassaugh badge

Upon deciding on the Marque™ medallion, our UK team closely collaborated with the Brown-Forman team, based in the US, through video calls ensuring the embellishment perfectly fit with the look and feel of Glenglassaugh’s new bottle design.

This led to the development of a sophisticated 37mm medallion for the front of the new bottle designs. The use of Marque™ allowed the medallion to have both embossed and debossed elements, coated with a glossy protective varnish.

In addition, we offered specialised testing services, including climatic and transportation assessments, ensuring that the product fit for its intended purpose. Delivered to the client on sheets, the medallion allows for hand application, ensuring an authentic feel in the final presentation