Founded by Hollywood star Matthew Lillard, screenwriter Justin Ware and Blue Run Spirits co-founder Tim Sparapani, Quest’s End Whiskey is a premium whiskey brand with a fantastical twist brought to life by Find Familiar Spirits. We collaborated with the team to produce two Marque™ embellishments for the Paladin release to adorn the stunning bottle designed by fantasy illustrator Tyler Jacobson.

The project

In the quest for a standout neck and main label to premiumise the brand and increase shelf appeal, the bottle required more than just paper. It needed a solution that could endure the thousands of miles it would travel to reach fans’ hands, whilst being light enough to reduce emissions during transportation.

Enter Marque™ – known for its lightweight qualities compared to other metal labels like tin and pewter – is a flexible aluminium label solution, exclusively available at Signet.

Following initial conversations, our design-for-manufacture team provided our unique design consultancy service to ensure a perfectly flush fit without compromising the desired look.

With very fine details needing to be incorporated and an overall vision of aesthetic to achieve, we got stuck into experimenting with multiple combinations of finishing techniques, colours, and emboss – iterating with the client to unlock the final look (and when you know, you know).

Quest’s End Whiskey Marque™ neck wrap

With a finalised and carefully curated prototype, we proceeded to mass-produce these distinct bottle embellishments. The finished product was shipped, applied to the bottle on-site and ready to be launched to the eagerly awaiting fans across the world.

“We would like to take a moment to express genuine gratitude for our partnership and the work Signet has delivered for Quest’s End. As we approach our launch, a time filled with fears and uncertainties, it’s a relief to say that worries about our bottle and design are off the table. This peace of mind is invaluable to us, and we can’t thank Signet enough for that.” Matthew Lillard, Co-Founder of Quest’s End Whiskey

Quest’s End Whiskey Marque™ Paladin badge