Located in the Portuguese wine region of Douro DOC, Iter Wine has Portugal’s’ highest wine classification “Denominação de Origem Controlada” (DOC). To celebrate a decade of Enology (the science and study of wine and winemaking) in the Douro Valley, Iter Wine released a limited edition run of 1200 bottles. Only the finest embellishment could match the rich flavour and antiquity of this velvety, polished wine.

The brief

We were approached by their design agency, Think Bold Studio. With 2D artwork already created our design for manufacture team transformed the badge into a 3D sculpted embellishment, crafted from die-cast metal.

We added depth and texture to the badge design, paying attention to every detail, from the woman’s dress blowing in the wind to the flowers surrounding the podium. Ensuring the shadows blended seamlessly with the negative space surrounding the badge, we allowed the antiqued copper to take centre stage, creating a striking contrast against the dark bottle and shadows.

Image of the sculpting featured on Iter Wine's die-cast metal badge by Signet

To transform the badge design from a 2D concept to a 3D object, it was not just a matter of sculpting, but also ensuring that it would sit flush against the curved bottle. To achieve this, our design printed prototypes, measuring them against the bottle, to ensure the badge matched the curvature of the bottle.

Process of Iter Wine 2D to 3D sculpted badge

Our team provided several options to the client and their agency before bulk production to guarantee that their vision was brought to life exactly as they had imagined.

“Working with Signet was a great experience. They really understood our vision for the project and brought it to life with great skill. Their work on adding depth and making sure the metal piece fit the wine bottles perfectly was outstanding. The final copper badge looked amazing and perfectly captured the special feel of the wine. Our client loved it. Signet’s knowledge and skills were key to making this project a success.”
Viktoriya Dolomanova, Co-Founder of Think Bold Studio

The results

Image of the sculpting featured on Iter Wine's die-cast metal badge by Signet

Featuring a woman surrounded by grapes and vines, whilst standing on a podium, a nod to Portuguese architecture that surrounds the vineyards. The outcome is an antiqued copper badge that is perfectly curved to match the contour of the bottle.

With its minimalistic design, the die-cast embellishment of the bottle exudes a sense of weight and history, making it a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is sure to captivate wine enthusiasts from all corners of the world.

Full bottle image featuring the sculpted die-cast metal badge by Signet