Founded in 2017, King’s Hill Gin is the first spirit from The Pentland Still, taking its name from a historical region of the Pentland Hills, where Robert the Bruce wagered and lost his Pentland estate to Sir William Sinclair.

The Pentland Hills, towering to 1900ft, form the backdrop to Scotland’s historic capital, Edinburgh. An ancient source of inspiration to poets, authors, kings …and gin smiths alike. Situated at the foot of these storied hills sits ‘The Pentland Still’, Kings Hill’s unique micro-distillery. Utilising Pentland-foraged botanicals and the art of uncompromising small-batch distillation, King’s Hill create unique spirits to embody this enchanting place.


King’s Hill was introduced to us by their premium bottle maker. Having already won design awards for their outstanding bottle design, King’s Hill wanted to upgrade its ‘shelf appeal’ with a medallion that would capture the eye of the consumer and instantaneously portray the quality of the brand.

As a small batch, premium brand, it was important to King’s Hill that any extra addition to the bottle design would add to its style, and capture the essence of Kings Hill for consumers.



Having reviewed several products and additional branding options, Signet and King’s Hill settled on a stunning Zamac badge cartouche, prestigiously crafted to symbolise the premium quality and opulent design of the current bottle. Lovingly sculpted to perfectly fit the current bottle, the King’s Hill cartouche is copper plated and antique finished, proudly carrying the distinctive ‘KH’ heralded by the iconic antlers and was supplied ready for hand application.



Kings’ Hill launched the new improved bottle design and was impressed by the considerable rise in sales. Following launch, King’s Hill sold more in the following two months than the entire previous two years. It could only have been attributed to the uptick in branding since the contents of the bottle had not changed at all.

King’s Hill is now quickly establishing their reputation as a world leading premium gin distiller.

Alexander Morrison, King’s Hill founder, stated that “The product inside the bottle remains unchanged so we can account all the increase to our new packaging design.” For Signet, it raises a glass to toast the success of yet another premium bespoke product, not only satisfying but exceeding expectations.


Client King's Hill
Material Zamac
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We sold more in the first two months of launch than we had sold in the past 2 years. The product inside the bottle remains unchanged so we can account all the increase to our new packaging design.

King's Hill Gin Alexander Morrison