Glengoyne is a world-renowned whisky distiller, situated in the Scottish Highland border known as the Glen of Geese, or in Gaelic, Glen Guin.

Deeply rooted in history and steeped in tradition, Glengoyne has a firm belief that doing things “the right way” is not always the quickest or easiest. Standing by this value, Glengoyne has produced this exquisite whisky since 1833, with a goal to ‘create extraordinary whisky, and impressions that stand the test of time’

This commitment to time-honoured, traditional production methods is at the core of the brand, and includes a pledge to keeping its environmental impact to an almost unrivalled level, eliminating the use of plastic, metal, and magnets from its recyclable packaging all together.


With a true commitment to sustainability, high-end quality, and traditional production methods, Glengoyne was looking for a unique way to communicate the brand values in a way that would encapsulate its unique style and unwavering clarity of purpose. Signet was subsequently tasked with producing an exclusive Cartouche that symbolised their heritage, traditional values, and commitment to sustainable practices.


Establishing a regime of testing sustainable products, looking at the environmental impact, visual appeal and finished effect of each possible adornment, Signet was able to identify the ideal wooden embellishment for the project. Perfectly designed and coloured to complement the curves of the Glengoyne bottle, the beautifully produced wooden Cartouche sits flush inside a small recess at the best of the bottle neck displaying the iconic Glengoyne logo perfectly.

Glengoyne’s recognisable logo stands out perfectly against the fine wood grain finish, with its golden sand-clock encased shield engraved on a wooden badge instantly identifiable on any shelf around the world.

In a perfect marriage between detail and definition, the insignia does not stand beyond the embossed border of the glass, demonstrating Glengoyne’s commitment to detail and avoid danger of detachment in transit.


With an initial run of 70,000, Glengoyne was extremely pleased with the quality and attention to detail in this Cartouche solution. Displaying and communicating attention to detail, heritage and sustainable values, Signet was able to successfully produce a branding product that mirrored the core value of the Glengoyne brand.

Client Glengoyne
Material Wood
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