SelvaRey Rum is a premium U.S.-based rum brand. Its aged, single estate White, Chocolate, and Owner’s Reserve Rums are distilled in Pesé, Panama, by Master Blender Francisco ‘Don Pancho’ Fernandez in antique copper column stills.

SelvaRey, loosely translates to “King of the Jungle”, a nod to ‘Don Pancho’ carving his distillery and sugarcane fields out of the Panamanian wilderness.

In a show of quality and industry recognition, the white and chocolate rums earned the highest scores ever, in trade publication The Tasting Panel, affiliated with the San Francisco World Spirits Competition

After the rum’s launch, singer Bruno Mars came on board as a co-owner and creative visionary of the brand. This instigated a branding overhaul, with Signet supplying a label to symbolise fresh and exciting brand values.


A brand that is created around a need to be savoured, SelvaRey rum required a new, exclusive and standout bottle branding that would demand attention.

With the Toucan a symbol of the new brand, Signet was tasked with creating a distinctive and instantly recognisable label solution that would take centre stage on the tapered cylindrical bottles. It was crucial to the brand that no matter the version, consumers should recognise the bottle as distinctly SelvaRey.


Using cutting-edge tooling technology, we created a bespoke golden embossed label that would sit proudly and distinctively on the SelvaRey bottle.

Standing straight out of the textured label for instant presence and recognisability, the iconic, golden toucan logo is set on a stunning colour matched plastic badge that instantly grabs attention on busy shelves.

The label is rigid but not brittle, and precision die-cut to fit the curve of the bottle without so much as a glimmer of a wrinkle. We even applied a release tab to the adhesive liner for a streamlined transition to the bottle.

Choosing the correct adhesive was critical, to meet the demands of its production climate in Panama. It needed to be tough and exude a high temperature setting factor.

We produced a crystal-clear adhesive transparency, so the golden toucan is recognisable, even when seen from the reverse.


Following a highly successful rebranding project and international launch, Signet continues to work with SelvaRey on ensuring its iconic brand of rum is instantly recognised on shelves around the world.

Affectionately lauded in a recent news article critiquing SelvaRey rum, the packing and label solution was praised as “eye-catching: the tall, slender, coloured bottles feature a rounded cork and a raised seal and look more like you’d expect from a good Champagne.”

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