Set in an extraordinary location on the Duke of Northumberland’s Albury Estate, in the heart of the Surrey Hills, sits a group of ex-farm buildings on the banks of the legendary Silent Pool houses. These are the exquisite headquarters of Silent Pool Distillers.

Founded in 2014 and known for producing handcrafted, artisan spirits, Silent Pool Distillers has become a leader in creating unique, complex flavoured spirits with uncompromising quality. With our shared values, including an unwavering attention to detail, Signet was tasked to support Silent Pool with the packaging design of a new ‘Rose Expression’ limited-edition spirit range.



The Rose Expression gin was part of Silent Pool’s newly created ‘Expression Series’ and a key part of their offering. This new blend is an enhancement on the classic recipe, with rose-petal notes infused by a rose tea.

Ensuring the branding communicated the essence of the range and stood out amongst the crowd would be vital to its success.

We were tasked with ensuring the brand packaging fully drew upon the unique DNA of Silent Pool Distillers, communicated the Rose Expression’s refreshingly individual character, and complemented the bottle design.

It was key for brand synergy that these goals were achieved whilst maintaining the visual elements that are synonymous with the Silent Pool brand.



Our Marque® range of flexible aluminium labels offered the ideal solution.

We were able to artfully craft an embossed rose pink aluminium label with high-definition metallic printing, enhancing the elegance and exclusivity of the teal-coloured bottle.

Bound with our well proven adhesive, the beautifully designed neck band helped the Rose Expression collection stand out effectively on the shelves and denote a touch of elegance and style that define the artisan spirit market.

A commitment to ongoing sustainability is a key driver of both Signet and Silent Pool’s business. From the outset we were fully onboard with ensuring that the branding solution we created was environmentally friendly as well as visually striking. Our Marque® flexible aluminium solution was proudly able to achieve this without straying from the original budget.



Originally planned for 12,000 limited edition bottles, the Rose Expression range was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from consumers and connoisseurs. So much so that it has now become a permanent edition to their range and stocked in Harvey Nichols and hundreds of independent retailers nationwide.

When asked about the impact of the Signet branding solution, the client agreed:

The packaging is a key part of our marketing and an important reason for consumers to engage with the brand. Consumers first contact with the brand is the packaging so it’s a very important component of the offering.”

We are proud to have supported Silent Pool in successfully launching the new Rose Expression spirit into the market.

Client Silent Pool
Material Flexible Aluminium
Manufacture _
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Signet’s Marque aluminum labels were the finishing touch that helped us achieve a hugely successful addition to our gin range.  The highly tactile embossing on the labels, together with their pearlescent shine, gave the bottle a uniquely striking beauty.

Silent Pool Gin Ian McCulloch