There’s something exhilaratingly refreshing about Kingsyaad Rum, profoundly sensational in both smell and taste. They don’t give away all their secrets, but they do share that ‘dunder’ is one of them. The residue of the rich island heritage, it is a formula based on a concentration blended from previous distillations mixed with the lush local tropical fruits and organic substances. It undergoes a 2-week fermentation, producing a darker, fuller rum than many of its rivals, and continues into the island tradition of pot stills for fermentation.  And with the rich history that Jamaica rums all benefit from there was nothing more fitting than to adorn every bottle with an intricately designed lion’s head in their king-of-the-beasts distinctive logo in order to stand out from the crowd.


You guessed right: A sculptured badge in the shape of their iconic lion’s head. A challenging one which required our team of designers to get heads together to recreate the standout beauty, bringing to life that rippling mane without making it too cumbersome for the bottle or escalating the export bill on weight. Not just one, but a choice of 3D files and prototypes later and following interactions with our client to ensure we were encompassing their vision, we had the magnificent embellishment just a step away from production. The lion’s head had to fit snugly to the flat front face of the glass as there was no supportive recess on the bottle so it was all about making sure it would stay safely affixed, wherever its journey.


Having overcome the aesthetics and budget challenges, we did not compromise.  As a key element to the Kingsyaad brand we wanted a material that not only conveyed the brand’s message but also complimented the intricate details.  So die-cast metal it had to be, with a gold, tumble-plated finish complete with an antique which matches the nature of the contents.  The appropriate adhesive was applied to the back of the badge, overcoming glass tolerance and fulfilling the package. Each groove in the metal brings 3D to a whole new level and ensures the lion comes to life on any shelf or bar!


Once again, a successful die-cast project which delivered results and satisfied our valued customer. Upon completion of production our lion could almost roar with impressive reality, delighting Kingsyaad.  Even the 20cl bottles thus proudly emblazoned could stand neck and shoulder out from the crowd. Definitely a required companion to have in stock in case of shipwreck on a tropical desert island.

Client Kingsyaad
Material Die Cast

It’s really beautiful! Thank you

Kingsyaad Rum Thomas Jequece