Formed in 1870, and internationally recognised as an icon of the tequila world, Herradura is one of Mexico’s oldest, and well renowned tequila producers in the world. Crafted, distilled, and bottled within Casa Herradura, Mexico, Herradura is still guided by its founding principles of authenticity, traditional production, and fine quality tequila.

Now successfully sold in over 136 countries, Herradura continually strive to ‘set the standard’ in the world of tequila production.



Embarking upon a modern reinvention of its iconic product label, Herradura was looking for a labelling solution that could clearly communicate their brand values to consumers whilst ensuring its iconic horseshoe logo is easily and quickly identified on competitive shelves.

Herradura’s horseshoe branding has been an integral part of its story since its founder, Felix Lopez, allegedly found a horseshoe at the site of the old Hacienda and hung it on a wall to bring luck to his fledgling distilling business.

This striking image has formed an integral part of its brand recognition ever since and so it was vitally important to the client that this was communicated effectively on the bottles.

Also, a key priority for Herradura was high-quality printing and the ability to successfully communicate key information about origins and authenticity of the product. With strong traditional values and authenticity as bedrock foundations of the business, it was essential that Herradura ensure each consumer could clearly decipher the exceptional quality, traditional production, and brand heritage through its newly designed label.



Previous label solutions for Herradura included a die-cast metal horseshoe logo. While this conveyed the brand heritage, it was challenging to print onto, so the necessary information for the consumer was not legible.

We proposed our exclusive Marque label as the ideal solution to Herradura’s challenge, producing a light, thin and flexible label that not only captures the heritage of the brand, but also communicating the fine-quality details that set Herradura out as a world-leading Tequila brand.

Printed and embossed to match the precise metal colour of the original horseshoe design, Herradura’s new label captured the aged, vintage feel of the brand using a modern, precise, and increasingly sustainable, flexible label solution.

Because of the Marque label’s unrivalled print quality and flexibility, we were able to ensure tiny, finely printed details such as such as the small sprigs of agave plant and twin rows of delicate beading along the edge of the horseshoe label were clearly visible, ensuring the consumer truly gets a feeling of the traditional methods and care that goes into the production of the product.



Following a successful launch of the new label, leading to operational efficiencies in application and production, Signet continues to work closely with Herradura to develop and communicate its brand through unique bottle labelling.

Further iteration’s of Herradura’s iconic brand label included a double-sided label, allowing consumers to clearly decipher the brand and key information through the clear liquid. This added a further layer of fine-quality and allowed this iconic tequila to stand out amongst its competitors.

We worked alongside Herradura to develop extra iterations of the Marque label, sized for the 375ml, 500ml and 750ml bottles, while also producing a stunning darker silver label for the Herradura Double Barrel Reposado and a limited-edition blue and gold label to adorn a special anniversary bottling of the company’s famous tequila.

We continue to work closely with the company to ensure their satisfaction and to help them with their brand goals.

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