Following the success of recent collaborations on the ‘Expression Series’ (read more here), and the ongoing strength of our professional relationship, Signet was approached to support the branding of a new luxury gin from the renowned Surrey based distiller, Silent Pool Distillers. Founded in 2014 and renowned for producing handcrafted, artisan spirits, Silent Pool Distillers has become a market leader in creating unique, complex flavoured spirits with uncompromising quality.


Following an in-depth market analysis, Silent Pool Distillers identified the demand for a luxury gin to serve as a viable alternative to the current premium gift spirits available.

Already established as a high-quality artisan distillery, the new Silent Pool Black Juniper range needed to eloquently stand out from the current Silent Pool Gin range as a more premium offering, ideal for gifting, while simultaneously retaining the visual elements and brand synergy that have become a trademark of the Silent Pool Gin experience.

Described as the rarest juniper berry, the black juniper used to produce the gin are sourced sustainably from Bhutan in the Himalayas using local pickers, meaning the end product has a very low carbon footprint. This was significant to us in finding an embellishment solution that was not only beautiful in appearance but sustainable in manufacturing.


Inspired by the glossy dark appearance of the black juniper, the final solution incorporated the metallic tones synonymous with the Silent Pool Gin brand alongside a selection of luxury embellishments designed to visually enhance Black Juniper Gin, allowing the bottle to stand out amongst other premium spirit options as a desirable gift.

A unique combination of premium design elements crafted to achieve the premiumisation of the range comprised of a harmonised selection of exceptional embellishments that included a diecast zamac stopper, zamac base and coin badge. The badge encapsulates a ‘jewel-like’ feature at the heart of the embellishment, created using a specialist enamel paint, to symbolise the Bhutanese juniper berry.

Silent Pool Black Juniper - die-cast enamel embellishment by Signet

Signet were able to skillfully construct this complementary range of copper galvanised embellishments using over 20 years of expertise in die-casting. Our unrivalled attention to detail and commitment to bespoke design, coupled with our unique knowledge of zamac die-casting, which uses virgin zinc alloy to craft the highest quality finish, allowed us to create a set of visually stunning and one-of-a-kind embellishments that bring an air of authenticity and prestige to the Black Juniper Gin product.

To add a further element of distinction to the bottle, a stunning copper neck label was designed to add an additional level of visual and tactile depth to the final design. The Marque range was the unanimous choice to fashion the complementary neck wrap. With unrivalled print quality and flexibility, we were able to product a beautiful self-adhesive aluminium neck wrap using high-definition  metallic printing to deliver complete visual synergy with the brand whilst elevating the elegance and exclusivity of the premium small batch range.

Silent Pool Black Juniper - die-cast stopper and Marque neck wrap by Signet


The final combination of unique embellishments, harmonious design, and high-quality finishes have helped Silent Pool Distillers to visually enhance the Black Juniper Gin product into the premium gift market. Standing out within the highly competitive market space as a unique, luxury option, the Silent Pool Black Juniper Gin has elevated the presence of artisan, exclusive spirit to greater heights within the gin market.

Silent Pool Black Juniper - die-cast stopper, base, badge and Marque neck wrap by Signet

Client Silent Pool Distillers
Material Die Cast & Marque