With Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year and the Lunar New Year to celebrate throughout the holiday season, it’s no surprise that November and December are the top two months for alcohol sales around the world.

A recent consumer survey showed 85% purchase alcohol for a holiday-related event or to give as a gift throughout this period

Of these:

  • 38% said they buy special brands to treat themselves
  • 30% planned to spend on brands that are on sale
  • 25% choose to opt for brands with holiday-themed packaging

The opportunity is clear…branding for the holiday period can be a huge boost for your business.

Let’s explore how to make the most of the holiday season:

Stand out amongst the noise

Seasonal periods are often saturated with activity from brands vying for the attention of the consumer. From children’s toys, festive food and novelty gifts, every brand is ramping up their activity to persuade the public to choose their products.

With 25% of consumers specifically looking for holiday-themed packaging, a limited edition festive design, or additional details like bows and charms, can give your product a visual boost to stand out amongst the noise.

Supporting Retailers

Limited editions provide promotional opportunities to entice customers into stores, so are a fantastic way to re-engage with retailers and excite them about your brand.

In return for the additional marketing opportunities that your limited editions bring to the retailer, many brands are rewarded with increased prominence and space within stores, the potential of special edition point of sale materials and an improved level of accompanying customer communication.

Customer engagement and brand equity

Capture the attention of customers during the festive period with the goal of converting them into long-term brand advocates.

With many consumers treating themselves during times of celebration, festive packaging can give an association with this time of year, leading to your brand becoming synonymous with special occasions, and making future holiday season purchases part of their tradition.

Not only for the holidays

Limited editions create a ‘moment in time’ opportunity for consumers to notice and purchase your products.

Creating eye-catching, unique, high-quality packaging can be your chance to stand out among the crowd and become a consideration for regular purchases going forward.

To understand more about how limited edition packaging can help your brand get noticed on the shelves, or to be inspired by some of our recent limited edition packaging case studies, visit our site or contact one of our team at info@signetbranding.com



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