Could Branded Merchandise deliver the sales boost you’re looking for this year?

Creating and selling branded merchandise is a simple, yet powerful way of keeping your brand on top of your target audience’s mind. Utilising this powerful marketing tool in your gift shops, giveaways and trade shows can be a unique and lucrative way to significantly boost your brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and provide a powerful secondary revenue stream.

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What Is Branded Merchandise?

Branded merchandise is everywhere. From the coffee cups we religiously fill up each morning, to the shiny keyring that comes with your new car, the idea of getting your brand noticed through merchandise that isn’t your main product or product packaging has been a key part of the marketer’s toolkit for a long time.

The idea of building customer loyalty, brand awareness and increasing your sales revenue should form the basis of any solid marketing plan, and by taking advantage of branded merchandise within your business you can take huge strides in all 3 areas.


For their gift shop, Teeling wanted every customer to be able to feel part of the ‘club’ and the creation of branded merchandise does exactly this, enabling the whiskey connoisseur to wear their heart on their sleeve! We produced two stunning die cast pieces based on the company logo, with the keyring featuring an ambitious cutaway design. Both were finished in pewter for a soft, vintage look.

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How can Branded Merchandise work for my business?

Branded Merchandise is a very powerful tool and can be utilised in several ways to achieve your commercial goals-

Visibility and Recognition

The business space is getting ever more crowded and competitive each day. Being recognised amongst this ‘noise’ is vitally important for any brand looking to build a strong, loyal customer base. Data from Psychology Today shows that every single day, customers are exposed to at least 3000 brands!

The purchase, or giveaway, of branded merchandise serves as a long-term strategy to remain at the forefront of your customer’s mind.

If your logo or messaging is clear and visible on items people use every day people will recognise your brand more often when it comes to purchasing time.

Increased Purchasing Influence

It should come as no surprise that the giveaway of promotional or exclusive products can significantly influence a consumer’s decision to purchase, especially if it is in a time limited purchasing space such as a gift shop (the consumer isn’t likely to be revisiting your gift shop each week).  Limited edition purchases that are embellished with merchandise that is exclusive to your gift shop makes the decision to purchase a time limited one and therefore more appealing to consumers looking to commemorate their visit to your site.

Long Term Loyalty

Using branded merchandise to provide your customer with a sense of collective belonging and prestige is a fantastic way to engage with ‘your people’ over long distances, and over a significant length of time. Pin badges, keyrings and high-quality branded memorabilia that can last a lifetime are often worn as a ‘badge of honour’ by your advocates to display their affection for your brand, influencing others around them and becoming a powerful tool to promote discussion and word of mouth referrals in places your traditional marketing may never reach.

Increased Revenue

If you could achieve brand awareness, improve your sales, and engage with your customers every day then you’d likely be extremely happy. If you could achieve those things WHILE generating an additional revenue, you’d likely be ecstatic. Branded merchandise does this, and more!

The opportunity to upsell additional branded items following a visit to your distillery, brewery or vineyard gives your visitors a unique opportunity to purchase an item that will serve as a memento that can help them remember the experience for the rest of their lives. An opportunity not to be missed…by you, or the customer!

Examples of successful branded merchandise

Branded merchandise comes in many different shapes and sizes, but one thing stands out amongst the most successful. They are high quality, and they are exclusive.

From the traditional gift shop selection of pin badges embellished with your logo, quality key chains and branded fridge magnets, to exclusive limited-edition packaging and unique embellishments, the opportunities to create memorable merchandise is limited only by your imagination.


Having previously created a suite of beautiful die-cast cartouches for application to their whisky bottles, Kilchoman Distillery approached Signet for help in creating a small range of merchandise to be sold in their Islay gift shop. Using the same design as a starting point, we further developed the look by adding a striking blue enamel finish to the relief and then adapted the size and weight of this design to produce a fridge magnet, keyring and pin badge.


Taking inspiration for its logo from the ‘swan neck’ shape of the pipes on their copper pot stills, Sipsmith’s swan is fast becoming a gin icon. The company wanted to create a pin badge as a gift for its most loyal customers, to welcome them into the Sipsmith family. Signet produced a beautifully delicate design, die cast in zinc and copper plated, with a butterfly back.

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Creating and selling branded merchandise is a simple, yet powerful way of keeping your brand on top of your customer’s mind. For businesses that take advantage of this opportunity and give consumers the option to own branded merchandise, it promotes their brands by enhancing visibility and consumer loyalty, at the same time, serving as a new revenue stream for the business.

If you’re looking for a way to build loyalty and keep customers hooked on your brand, selling branded merchandise and limited-edition packaging are great strategies to achieve your goals. Signet has been providing unique solutions to merchandise branding, packaging, and embellishment since 1994. Our specialisation lies in brand-enhancing promotional, embellishments and luxury packaging solutions.


We’d love to find out more about your product or brand and discuss how branded merchandise could benefit your business. Get in contact with on our expert team HERE or call us on 01733 396080


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