Bottle embellishments tell a thousand stories, so why not make one of those stories about saving the planet? From corn-starch based materials to recycled aluminium embellishments, there is a whole host of environmentally friendly ways your brand can make a positive impact on the planet – whilst still looking great! Here’s a list of planet friendly alternatives we offer:

Wood veneer labels

With different textures and tones from woods like Birch or Cherry, wood veneer is a great option for labels and seals. Its addition allows clients to balance out any other wooden elements in your bottle design, that may give a directional nod to the flavourful casks used in production.

Available in any colour, the lightweight coat of ink will still allow for the texture and wood pattern to show through. Complete the look with a range of finishes from smooth to textured – this sustainable choice truly delivers a remarkable result.

printing: yes, foling: yes

Wooden embellishments

With options including Ash, Beech and Walnut and many other responsibly sourced wood, this FSC certified material is a great way to add a sustainable element that has more relief and prominence on the bottle – a great alternative to plastic seals and badges.

Different colourations and finishes can be achieved through staining or using a combination of wood with varying grains.

printing: yes, embossing/debossing: yes, laser etching: yes

Recycled plastic

Though single-use plastic has to be used responsibly, recycled plastic offer the planet another solution with regards to waste management. A wide array of capabilities makes recycled plastic one of a few alternative plastic solutions, and a seamless transition from regular plastic materials.

Choose from nylon, polypropylene and polyethylene and be confident in the knowledge that all our recycled plastic options are manufactured from 100% recycled content*.

printing: yes, foiling: yes, embossing/debossing: yes

PLA Corn-starch

With it’s rigid and tactile feel, PLA corn-starch could be your brand’s answer to sustainable plastic alternatives. Available in shiny and matte finishes and a range of colours, this adaptable material can replicate almost any hard-plastic design but with a sustainable twist.

printing: yes, foiling: yes, embossing/debossing: yes

Marque™ metal labels

For clients who may already have flat diecast metal embellishments, Marque labels offer a cost-efficient and lightweight alternative that could dramatically reduce your GHG emissions.

With varying thickness, colour, and finishing options, you have the freedom and flexibility for a truly bespoke and beautiful embellishment that sits proudly and perfectly on your bottle or gift box. This option is by far our most popular amongst clients, choose from smooth or micro embossed finishes for painted embellishments, or, satin/glass/matt finishes for anodised aluminium. It can be automatically applied too.
printing: yes, embossing/debossing: yes, laser etching: yes

Recycled zamac

Recycled zamac offers a luxury, bespoke appearance without compromising your sustainability goals. Ideal for stoppers and badges, zamac is available in a wide range of colours and metallic or painted finishes.

embossing/debossing: yes, laser etching: yes

RPET ribbon

Using 100% recycled content, RPET ribbon is available in a wide range of colours – perfect for highly customised designs.

printing: yes, foiling: yes

Paper ribbon

Using screen foil print with paper ribbon, you can achieve various woven or chevron patterns – a great option if you’re looking to add texture to your sustainable design.

We’re continually helping brands to explore different material options to deliver their vision – and often share sustainable alternatives when creating any concepts for clients. When exploring alternatives, what is critical is that you ensure the choices you make are foremost fit for purpose.

Request a sample pack or call us to see how we could transform your packaging in as little as 8 weeks!**


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