Ever wondered what makes a bottle design premium? From extravagant stoppers to discrete tamper evident seals – every element on a bottle embellished by Signet is meticulously designed to ensure the bottle looks and feels as luxurious as the liquid inside. Discover the small, intricate details premium spirit brands from around the globe are adding to their bottles to convey a message of luxury for their customers.

Bottle design | Crafting uniqueness 

From the shape and colour to the texture and material, a bespoke design captures the essence of the brand and the product it holds. We’ve got great relationships with industry experts, but if bespoke design isn’t quite accessible at this point, talk to us about a few clever ways you can make your standard bottle more unique.

Labels | Designs that speak

A bottle’s label is more than just a source of information; it’s a blend of aesthetics and practicality, designed to capture the very essence of your brand and product. Enhance your current label with our exclusive Marque™ labels by incorporating exquisite, embossed textures, a range of finishing techniques, and a diverse colour palette. Request a sample pack to experience the quality for yourself.

Stoppers | Sealing elegance 

While stoppers play a crucial role in maintaining the contents’ quality, they extend their influence on the aesthetics of presentation. The tactile feel of a stopper in hand, the satisfying ‘pop’ upon removal, and the visual satisfaction of a finely designed cap contribute to the overall impression of luxury. From metal die-cast stoppers to light-weight synthetic cork stoppers, the choice of material becomes an integral part of the brand’s identity. Talk to our team to uncork the possibilities for your next launch

Charms & coins | Tokens of luxury

Coins and charms, when incorporated into bottle design, transform the package into a collectible masterpiece. Inviting enthusiasts to cherish not only the contents but also the bottle itself. Giving customers an immersive physical feature and crafted using premium grade materials and serving as tamper evident seals, charms not only add a premium, storytelling element to your bottle but also offer purpose too. Request a sample pack to witness the elegance and versatility firsthand.

Tamper Evident Seals | Ensuring integrity 

Tamper evident seals may be small, but their impact is immeasurable. It signifies that the brand places the utmost importance on consumer safety and satisfaction. The seal’s presence becomes a testament to the brand’s values, developing an unspoken bond of reliability and credibility. Our bespoke, colour-matched tamper proof solutions have replaced traditional shrink wrapping, providing a premium experience for customers whilst protecting your product. Unlock a taste of the quality by requesting a sample pack.

Elevating brands through premiumisation is our specialty. Over the last 30 years, we’ve collaborated with numerous brands, ranging from independent distilleries to multinational corporations. Entrust Signet with your next rebrand. Request a sample pack or Book a call today.


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