When you think of incorporating metal features on your bottle, what is the first thing that comes to mind? A metal stopper? A recessed coin? All winning options for giving your bottle a premium feel and experience. But for these successful brands, they opted for something different. They were looking for something a little more flexible, more versatile, bolder (while still being widely recyclable) … From shape, size and colour to depth and tactility, our exclusive self-adhesive aluminium Marque™ is unparalleled. We’re glad these brand thoughts so too…

UpEnd Distilling | front label

Located in New York and enthusiastic about promoting the value of selecting quality over quantity, UpEnd approached our team to collaborate on crafting a creative yet sophisticated packaging solution. Utilising premium-grade, flexible materials, our team designed and manufactured a striking Marque™ label spanning the width of the bottle. This partnership resulted in a design that not only earned recognition but also achieved a Double Gold triumph at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Design Competition 2020.

Fettercairn Whisky | seal

Established in 1824 and keen to preserve its brand heritage, Fettercairn Whisky used our Marque™ label to deliver a traditional, high-quality feel. With clear and precise debossed text, its clean, sharp edges provide a deep sense of quality and craftmanship. The off-white enamelled image of a unicorn contrasts against the dark textured central background, drawing the eye towards the main brand image with ease.

Silent Pool Distillers | neck wrap

The challenge was to distinguish the new Silent Pool Black Juniper range as a premium gifting option while maintaining the brand’s signature visual elements. As well as various other elements, such as a die-cast stopper and a jewel-like badge, we produced a stunning Marque ™ neck wrap with high-definition metallic printing to enhance brand synergy and elevate elegance.

Two Doctors | front label

Source: Two Doctors/SingleDouble/Tricycle

The award-winning Marque™ label truly captures Two Doctor’s sophisticated, yet modern, style. Combining contrasting print and extensive embossing techniques, the label embodies a highly versatile, textured finish the label features a variety of intricate details that spans the width of the bottle.

Casks of Distinction | bottle foot and gift box labels

This prestigious project required a premium embellishment solution to heighten the elegance and rarity of each cask and barrel of this ultra-premium whisky. We designed a copper charm for the bottle and a Marque™ label for both the bottle and gift box. Each label was designed to enable personalisation, allowing Casks of Distinction to handwrite a note to every customer.

Thinking about using Marque™ to add a touch of luxury your brand?

The Marque™ label’s intricate detailing and premium materials not only convey a sense of opulence but also communicate the dedication to quality. If you’re considering using Marque™ for your next product relaunch, book a meeting with one of your experts to see how we could help you or request a sample pack.


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