Remember that time when you opened your first bottle of what was to become your favourite tipple? Or the first time you achieved something that made other people proud of you?

We’re excited to share a round of firsts that we have celebrated with Sairen Rum. Together we have developed the concepts that are selling their first clear spiced rum. Together we have produced our first ever full bottle Marque label, marketing maximised. Pushing out the boundaries further we have created it with another first – a 12+ colour label in a stunning rainbow array of tones committed to our client’s brand specification. And, as if that wasn’t enough, we have green-lighted our first multiple-finish Marque label to our partnered design. In this exclusive interview we discuss how we managed to smash so many firsts and beat the odds to output a Marque deluxe.

Signet: How did you hear about Signet and where were you introduced to Marque® range?
James: Googling how to get an impossible task done, something like that! Initially reached out wanting a coin in a wooden stopper – found we could get the full pack done with Signet.  So, spiralled from one small thing to getting everything from Signet.  First discovered Marque® on receiving a standard sample book, which I still have here on my desk.  Included a bit of everything in it, and we were discussing what worked and what didn’t, what brands we had seen before and liked the look a feel of.  This one was one to push the boundaries and existing capabilities – few hurdles to get through – but was well worth the journey.
Signet: When was the product launched and through what channel?
James: Launched on Friday 13th of November 2020.  Do not ask me why, thought it would make for a really good PR story in a years’ time… the brand that launched on Friday 13th of November 2020 and had a successful year.  Website was launched for pre-sells and we had a very successful 6 weeks before Christmas, quite amazing, quite electric, actually ran out of stock, our first batch.
Signet: What do you consider are the biggest benefits of the label solution you chose for Sairen Rum?
James: Durability for one, the metallic labels give it another level of thickness, rigidness.  The feel, tactility – we have embossing and debossing on all components. And quality – far exceeds what you expect, particularly with the finishing.  It’s more than how it looks, but how it feels in your hand.  The wow factor from picking up the bottle, looks awesome then you pick it up and it is another surprise – not paper, not metal, but both – almost like a Heston Blumenthal bottle where you don’t really know what you’re getting.  It is great for us, another added dimension to the lovely bottle and liquid.  All fits in with the story behind Sairen Rum too since no-one has really seen or heard of a clear spiced rum. One of our straplines is ‘it’s got hidden depth’ so the label really complements this nicely.
Signet: Bearing in mind you considered a paper alternative at the beginning of the project, are you pleased you now chose and invested in a Marque solution?
James: Without a doubt.  My comment on the last question really covers it.
Signet: How were the labels applied to the bottles, and how did that go?
James: Although we discussed and ordered labels on reels… it has all been hand-applied.  For the second batch starting next week however, the labels will be machine applied and neck decoration hand-applied.
Signet: Could you provide an overall testimonial of your experience in working with Signet?
James: Signet were CLASS! Launching SAIREN was such an exciting and passionate project for us personally with everything invested. We developed the concept from scratch our end giving the guys the name, concept, and designs. All we needed were a few labels right? With an image in mind and having only met the team on video calls,  Hugh and Jake managed to take this vision and deliver something mesmerisingly stunning that we never thought was possible. Thank you, gentlemen!
Signet: We help spirits brands to premiumise and stand apart from the competition – to what extent is this true with SAIREN Rum?
James: Purely in the finish of the label.  Design we have got is absolutely fantastic so being able to give that justice was incredible.  Label design and colours make it stand out from competitors but then the final touches on the labels, multiple finishes – even down to the tamper-evident being the metallic material with embossing and debossing gives it that further premium quality and tactility.
Signet: Any final feedback for Signet?
James: We had a great experience – we forced down some pretty big challenges and deadlines. Journey of the project from coming up with the brand name, launching and all those steps in between have been exciting, and I think working with you guys,  you are actually the ones that really bring it to life in terms of touch, feel, and look – it’s a huge part of it.  Great working with a company that didn’t let us be stuck in our mindsets and gave us lots of options and opportunities.


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