Whilst at times it is necessary, a full brand revamp is no mean feat – hours of design requires significant effort and investment.  However, from time to time your brand needs revitalisation to wow your customers.  That is the beauty of a charm or neck adornment – fitting in with your current pack but giving that impressive finishing touch.

Brand names in the wine and spirit world do not usually change their faces every two years. Take Johnnie Walker, with his striding gentleman’s motif. His distinctive, precisely-twenty-degree slanted label immediately captured tongues and hearts in Queen Victoria’s reign and continues to march the brand forward relentlessly today.

And still today, the team at Johnnie Walker have not forgotten their heritage. A distinctive charm with the embossed figures of the brand’s birth: 1820,  encapsulates the two hundred years of trading to a fine-tuned market.  One success of the charm has been in the ease and ability to create new iterations along the way to compliment the brands evolution.

Dare to be different, Eccentric Gin came to us bringing with them their passion for Welsh folklore, people and places, all of which light the fire for their gins. Naturally, they needed no ordinary hangtag. Presented on the body of their bottles is now emblazoned a bronze pop rivet style fastener with ball and chained tag performing the purpose of displaying both their iconic logo and identifying the individual blend or flavour.

Blade & Bow have signed us permission to share their secret of the blade shaft and the ornate bow. Are you one of just a few savants who know that it is these two parts that make up a skeleton key? The blade enters, and operates, the lock, while the bow is turned in its master’s hand. Unlocking the secret behind the success of Blade & Bow is this significant fact, and attributed to the set of five that hung from the eminently honoured Stitzel-Weller distillery in Louisville, Kentucky. We helped our iconic bourbon-producing clients to retell their story. To embellish their bottles and captivate their drinkers, we created die casts of each of their five key designs, each distinctive and unique, and numbered for collectors’ booty.

Consistently flaunting a spot in the medal winning top few of the world’s most popular alcohol brands, Bacardi could not have done anything more befitting than appointing Signet to design and construct a customised die cast medallion. It’s showcased hanging from a tanned cowhide bottleneck hoop and serves as a token to a significant remembrance day: the loss of Chinook Extortion 17 during the Afghan War. Only right then, that it should have been presented to the US Seals in all its glory. No ordinary bottle would do.

Waxed like the ancient seals of kings, and stamped with the Signet ring in your custom blueprint, or dipped in silver or finely injection moulded in quality plastic, we can meet medallion requirements unique to you. Laced on velvet ribbon or embracing the bottleneck in cord, they make the finders keepers of the conoisseurs’ bottle choice.


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