Packaging provides the first impression of the product to the consumer.

It is one of the strongest factors that influence their purchase decision. This is especially true with online alcohol sales, where retailers rely almost solely on the images of your product as the main tool to influence consumer decisions.


One recent report by e-commerce firm Profitero and Nielsen found that 21% of UK consumers have bought alcohol online. This represents the highest proportion found within Europe, with UK consumers coming third after China and Japan in the world rankings.

Read more about the rising influence of online sales in the alcohol industry.

Online sales of alcohol are increasing, and packaging plays a major role in attracting and influencing online consumer behaviour.


A study into the impact of packaging on consumer purchasing decisions published in the British Food Journal cite the following packaging characteristics as the most influential with consumers. (Packaging and purchase decisions. P Silayoi et al.)


It is a well-established idea that consumers develop associations between colours and brands. The colour of your packaging is often the first element that attracts the attention of consumers and positive colour associations can be highly influential in affecting purchasing behaviour.

With subconscious decision making about your product taking less than 90 seconds from the first viewing, recent research has suggested that between 62-90% of this initial product evaluation is based on colour alone!

Choose a visually appealing colour palette that best portrays the emotion you are looking to invoke in your customers.

To discover why the use of colour is so important in packaging, and its impact on consumer behaviour, visit our Colour Series blog.


The impact of graphics cannot be overstated when it comes to communication and attracting customers to your brand. The successful use of icons, logos and images are usually far more effective at communicating your brand message than printed words.

Naturally your logo should be prominent on your packaging, however icons or graphics symbolising the product characteristics can lead to a less cluttered layout and convey information faster to the consumer; a factor that is extremely important when decisions are being made about your product based on a quick scan of the online photos!

When choosing what graphics to include on your packaging, clarity and quality are two of the main factors you should consider ensuring your label is both eye-catching and ultra-professional.

The Signet Levere range offers an elegant and versatile way to create visually stunning embellishments that stand out from their surroundings.

Available in vivid colours and using exclusive production methods, the customisable Levere range has been successfully used to create big visual impacts for brands looking to capture the attention of their customers with a unique stand out label. Find out more.


Once drawn towards your packaging, but prior to choosing to purchase your product, there are several assertions that a consumer is likely making about your brand from the packaging that will influence the outcome.

Important in person, but equally as noticeable online, a cluttered layout, difficult-to-read fonts, and poor print quality, can communicate more to a consumer than any of the words printed on your packaging.

Designs that don’t take typography and print quality into account can inadvertently convey a lack of quality and poor attention to detail, qualities that no consumer is looking for in their product choices. Often, less is more!

Packaging size and shape

Consider how the shape of your packaging may affect the consumer interpretation of your product, and how this can be a potential differentiating factor in the long term.

Bottle shape has been a successful marketing tool for several products who successfully utilise their unique bottle shape to stand out amongst their competition.

The Jack Daniels iconic square bottle stands out as unique and instantly brand recognisable, while the anthropomorphic bottle choice of Coca Cola may have seemed adventurous when launched, but now is familiar to the Coca Cola brand

The size and shape of your packaging is not limited to your bottle, your choice of label size, shape and design is also crucial. Signet’s Marque flexible aluminium labels are among our most requested products, beloved for their deluxe aesthetics and versatile, durable appeal.

Replicating the appearance of embossed metal and laser cut for ultimate precision, these highly detailed and ornate labels can be customised to shape, size, and apparent depth. Available in a range of metallic colours with polished or brushed finishes, the Marque label is ideal for communicating quality, sophistication and can be adapted to any classic or contemporary styling to suit your brand. Find out more about Marque.

In summary

With online sales continuing to soar, and showing no signs of slowing, making the most of your packaging to appeal to online consumers has become a necessity for modern, forward-thinking brands.

With so many considerations to designing and implementing the perfect packaging solution to fully leverage your online appeal, it may seem overwhelming. However, our experts here at Signet are here to help.

To see how our team can support your brand with creating innovative, eye-catching, and memorable packaging solutions, reach out to our design experts for an initial discussion.

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