From the unique packaging to celebrating a time-specific event, like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, a limited edition product can be a game changer for a brand. Packaging is such a big element of special edition products. While special editions create more demand for your product, the right packaging can boost that demand – as well as helping your brand stand out that much more on the shop shelf. Ultimately, limited edition products are a way to bring exclusivity to your customers, as more often than not the packaging is saved by consumers due to its exclusive status. But how can you ensure that you successfully plan for special events?

Get Ahead of the Game

We know, we know – it sounds cliché, but the best way to get ahead is to make sure that you’re starting your planning as soon as possible. This allows you plenty of time to plan everything carefully and account for elements of your packaging, that may require more time, such as smaller but still equally crucial details such as ribbon, badges and charms. It also gives you an opportunity to get sample packs of packaging materials, as well as design and create mock-ups, so you can see your potential design come to life – while still having time to make any changes that you need to.

The Key is Being Different

Of course, the whole concept of a special or limited edition product is that it looks, tastes, smells or feels different to your original product. That doesn’t mean that you have to start from scratch; in fact, the majority of brands work with their existing packaging to create a unique limited edition design that still fits their branding. This is a great way to offer something new to customers while keeping to something recognisable.

However, this can lead to creative blocks when designing the packaging, which is where packaging embellishments can be an effective addition. They differentiate the packaging enough to make it stand out, but impart little to no change on to the original branding design. Embellishments can also help to promote the brand further, as the name or logo can be printed or embossed on different types of embellishments.

Think Outside of the Box

While most limited edition products have a specific event that the product is designed for, consider adapting your release to make it appealing even after the event has finished. For example, when designing a Christmas themed limited edition product, rather than opting for the traditional Christmas red and green and making direct references to Christmas, why not make the product a winter-themed edition – giving it more longevity?

This can help to make your product more appealing even after the specific seasonal event has passed, and helps you to avoid putting a figurative expiry date on your design. It also allows you to break away from traditional designs which, while they can be an elegant touch to your special edition product, can also limit you creatively.

Finally, try not to feel as though you need to make complicated packaging ideas in order for your products to sell. Limited edition products such as Skittle’s Pride Month design or Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke campaign are simple concepts, but were widely successful and intuitive in terms of what would work best with consumers.

Limited Edition Packaging from Signet

Looking for a way to explore your brand’s limited edition product packaging options? At Signet, we work with a range of clientele to create embellishments and decorations that enhance your product packaging and make your brand stand out.


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