Premiumization of your alcohol brand through branding and design, helps to emphasises its prestige, quality and class. This is particularly important for high end alcoholic beverages like Champagne and Cognac.

An experience for the senses

Within the alcohol world, there is little that screams luxury more than Champagne and Cognac. They’re the crème de la crème of alcohol; the go to for special occasions, and the ideal gifting choices. Cognac transports us to a cosy fireplace amidst a wintry wonderland. Champagne draws imagery of warm summer nights and exciting memorable celebrations.

With high price tags comes high expectations, so packaging and bottle design must reinforce the luxury experience.

Premiumization for high-end consumers

Discover the packaging techniques and embellishments used to enhance luxury alcoholic drinks.


Marque flexible aluminium labels offer the same prestige and intricacy as embossed metal, but at a much more cost-effective price.

Marque can have a polished or brushed metal finish, creating a look similar to that of Pewter such as the labels we created for Alnwick Gin, and is suitable for printing, embossing or laser cutting. This level of customisation offers lots of creative freedom for label design.

Reliable, durable and adhering to both flat and curved surfaces, Marque is a sensible choice for distinctive and sophisticated labels.

Die Cast Embellishments

With die-casting, bottles can be embellished with highly detailed charms, medallions, coins and tags.

Die-casting involves precision moulding to give fine detail, which is ideal for premiumization of packaging. We use Zamac for our die-casting, with the purest virgin Zinc alloy, this ensures a high quality, intricate finish.

Zamac is naturally a silver-grey colour, and can be polished or even plated in brass, copper, silver or gold for a spectacular precious metal finish.

At Signet, we believe that people taste with their eyes, attending to the smaller details in the form of embellishments provides the ideal opportunity to create timeless branding that excites the senses.

Exciting products can move beyond a simple aesthetic; they can mark the beginning of a long relationship between you and your customers. Choosing timeless embellishments bring your product to life and continue to do so for years to come.


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