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Jack Daniel’s No. 27 Gold Tennessee Whiskey: Premium Liquor in Luxurious Packaging

With Jack Daniel’s celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2016, let’s look back at one of its iconic premium limited offerings: Jack Daniel’s No. 27 Gold Tennessee Whiskey. From its taste to its packaging, this particular product exudes luxury.

Going for the Gold: The No. 27 Difference

Crafted to the bars set by Old No. 7, what makes this limited edition product special is that it’s twice charcoal-mellowed and extra-matured in golden-hued maple barrels. This gives the drink the scent of toasted oak and honey and the taste of natural sweetness from fruits and maple.

Where did the number 27 come from? Well, it was included to pay tribute to the Old No. 7 recipe, only double-barreled and double mellowed.

Want to take one home? Too bad, the company only produced 500 cases.

The Need for Luxurious Packaging

We are honoured that Brown-Forman came through our doors and approached us to design and create a detailed coin replica just for this Limited Edition offering. We used a special process called “antiquing” and created a thin and intricately designed coin equipped with a self-adhesive reverse. We also topped it off with gold plating and an antique effect to make the details stand out in a unique way.

When the packaging is done right, especially for wines and spirits, it gives consumers the sense that the product is of premium quality. Plus, it makes the item more enticing to give as a gift. Unique packaging processes, like the one we used for Jack Daniel’s, gives the product a more high-end look. With special effects, we made the design stand out.

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